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unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons

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According to judges Leaf has been recognised "for its nostalgic 1920s tea room vibe serving vegetarian and vegan varieties of the traditional full breakfast and offering lighter dishes, such as cinnamon toast with a generous dollop of berry compote.
Vicky Grogan leads a nostalgic singalong for residents at Aden Mount Care Home, Primrose Hill.
Love and lovely life, journeys which affected the person, are some personal memories which are repeated as the result of dissatisfaction from the present situation and leads to nostalgic feeling.
The 41-year-old French singer said that there are "good and bad sides" to love but she has fond memories of her time with the 'Transcendence' star and often feels nostalgic about the past, the Mirror reported.
Participants in the experiments exhibited nostalgic preferences for both movies and TV programs," Morewedge said.
He said the Balila carts and kibda stalls, their noises and special style of serving food that emitted an exotic aroma had the potential to make anyone nostalgic for the non-existent Hijazi heritage.
AS lUlU so aptly says herself, the new television series on BBc1, rewind the 60s, is seriously nostalgic.
It's just fun and cute and I think there is something very kind of nostalgic about candy, because you have it when you are a kid, you have it when you are adult and you remember like your certain ones that you love.
Kicking off on 4 June, the ad takes a similarly nostalgic theme to the brand's famous Go on Lad push and charts the life of a mischievous schoolgirl from her childhood in the late 70s to the present day.
The way we were California; nostalgic images of the Golden State.
The Last Days of Shea: Delight and Despair in the Life of a Mets Fan" takes a nostalgic look back at the home of the New York Mets for decades.
The nostalgic adverts, starring the 1960s style icon, look back at the birth of M& S in 1884 with the Penny Bazaar where everything was priced at a penny.
There's not that many record shops - people buying stuff in record shops - an more, so it's a bit nostalgic
Everybody Dance Now will take a nostalgic trip through national favourites, including Night Fever, Thriller, Greased Lightning, Saturday Night and the Time Warp.