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The pub is always busy with diners, which is a good sign if you want to grab a pre-match nosh-up before getting stuck into the serious business.
But a good nosh-up and a bottle of wine always helps to get those men troubles off your chest.
Two lucky Megareaders will each collect a star prize consisting of an Aiwa TV and video, two Addams Family videos and four vouchers for a nosh-up with their friends at KFC.
I was born with a rare gift - the ability to laugh at the misfortunes of others - which is why I roared with mirth when I read about the man who choked to death on a pickled onion during the nosh-up at a relative's funeral.
Sickened Labour MPs are demanding action after a nosh-up left them violently ill.
But there's a difference between enjoying a hearty nosh-up and digging your grave with a knife and fork.
Hotel boss Susan Libeks said: "My main fear is they turn out to be veggies but David's an Olympic swimmer who does his acting on the side, so he needs a high- protein nosh-up.
If you're the winner you'll travel to London for a nosh-up with your favourite star at the Capital Radio Cafe and scoop a goodie bag.
It was hot as hell,'' groaned metal polisher Lee, of Churchdown, Glos, after raising pounds 300 for charity with his nosh-up.
Road-rage murder suspect Kenneth Noye has slipped back into Britain - for a Chinese nosh-up with pals.
Afterwards, you'll be treated to a nosh-up at one of London's top American restaurants.
The winner will be picked up at home and then driven to a top local restaurant for a finger-lickin' nosh-up.
A Labour survey shows only five out of 89 diners at Tory fund-raising nosh-ups since 2012 were women.
He and celeb chef Nick Nairn devised a plan to use students from local colleges to help prepare the food for formal nosh-ups.
BACK in the Seventies and Eighties, Shoot magazine ran a feature in which players were quizzed about their favourite things - everything from pin-ups to nosh-ups.