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Synonyms for nosey-parker

a person who meddles in the affairs of others

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Nosey-parker Dot jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees vicar Alex with Melanie.
The cloak would also be useful for investigative journalists uncovering political corruption, spies attempting to infiltrate terror cells or nosey-parkers peeping through their neighbour's window.
One of the songs Cecilia had in her head was this: My bloke's a Peaky, and he's none the worse for that; He's got bell-bottomed trousers and a Peaky Blinders' hat; He's got rings on his fingers, and round his neck a daf, So all you nosey-parkers can take it out of that.
But ACPO can't stop teachers and park wardens and nosey-parkers from exercising an authority they don't possess if the vast majority of people meekly obey them.
But the firm handling the sale are vetting househunters to distinguish genuine buyers from nosey-parkers.
Nosey-parkers on the balcony kept a check on who was making progress with whom.
Ms Gilbert said a previous neighbourhood watch scheme in Brunswick had proved a success in reducing crime added: "It's not about nosey-parkers or curtain twitching - it's about taking pride in our area and doing our bit.
The days when investigators were seen as shady nosey-parkers is also changing because of recently-introduced legislation.
As a nation of nosey-parkers, nothing gets the gossips going better than a 'sold' sign being slapped on the house up the road.