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a strap that is the part of a bridle that goes over the animal's nose


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the link between two lenses

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Available in two- and three-lens color sets, Sabers feature a "Take Flight" nosepiece that fits a wide range of faces.
Is the patient given an oxygen nosepiece so that his breathing air is separate and clean?
Other improvements include a trumpet nosepiece for a better pencil grip, easy-to-use controls that don't interfere with the grip, a narrow barrel for comfort, and a motor brake that stops the accessory spinning the second the tool is switched off.
Carries the gasses from the reservoir bag to the mask or nosepiece.
Once the sanding was completed, I installed the two handguards and the nosepiece just to get a feel for how the completed rifle would look, I have to admit, I was very pleased.
The nosepiece kept falling out and his glasses kept fogging up, perhaps the result of yelling too much.
His ubiquitous name glyph--a diadem, hairband, ear spools, nosepiece and speech scroll--is deciphered in wall panels and few can resist spotting it throughout the exhibition.
It is also now much easier to operate the Axio CSM 700 thanks to the new, encoded and motorized objective nosepiece which now comes standard.
10) In brief, it comprises the Olympus BX51 epi-fluorescence microscope (Olympus America Inc, Center Valley, Pennsylvania), which is equipped with a motorized nosepiece to control selection of objectives (ie, 4X,10X,20X, 40X,and 60X); a motorized filter turret to control selection of different filter cubes (ie, 4',6'-diamidino-2-phenylindole, Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, and Cy7, or equivalent wavelengths); a motorized stage to control stage movements (Prior Scientific Inc, Rockland, Massachusetts); an X-Cite 120 mercury/metal halide light source (EXFO Life Sciences & Industrial Division, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada); and a QUANTFIRE monochromatic digital camera (Optronics Inc, Goleta, California).
The molded nose bridge fits most faces, with no need to pinch a metal nosepiece to achieve a "peak fit.
Patented charger nosepiece is designed specifically for your furnace to control fumes and direct the charge into the center of your furnace.
The frame comes with an adjustable rubber nosepiece.
A pioneering nosepiece design rotates 360 degrees, pivots, and slants in and out to provide a precise fit for almost any nose bridge.
Exchangeable nosepiece drills are designed so that the entire front piece of the drill--a carbide nose--is removable and can be easily changed when worn (Fig 3).