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Pilot Jimmy Panic grips crowd in last seconds of the plane's nosedive Debris after the disaster
hour, and if the index nosedive by 6 percent, a total hiatus will take place,"
Then Hurricane Katrina barreled into Gulf Coast on Tuesday, virtually obliterating everything in the path of its 145 mph winds and sending oil and gas production into a nosedive.
Prosecutors indicted two air traffic controllers Tuesday on charges of professional negligence that led to a near-miss between two Japan Airlines (JAL) aircraft, resulting in a nosedive by one plane that injured more than 50 people.
The Spaniard, who in 1987 achieved the rare feat of scoring 59 in a round in Argentina, saw his career nosedive with injuries to his wrist and elbow.
From the 1970s to the 1990s, populations of sea otters and some pinnipeds, including Steller sea lions and fur seals, took a mysterious nosedive in the northern Pacific.
And while games mean big business for the pubs, bars, restaurants and fast food outlets, other shops claim their profits take a match day nosedive.
Cruising at 30,000 feet takes on a different meaning for Mia, whose three-year romance with a pilot named Miles takes a nosedive after she catches him cheating with one of her coworkers.
Over-training symptoms can mirror the symptoms of major depression, and your motivation, mood, and health can take a prolonged nosedive.
And when Bill Gates tried on the role of the philosopher CEO, his plan backfired, in part because Microsoft was being targeted by the Feds, in part because Microsoft's stock took a nosedive, in part because Gates' just-plain-folks sweaters were never terribly convincing and in part because of his unreadable book.
One exploration program, he remembers, carried out in the area by Band-Ore Resources and other companies in 1995 and 1996 provided spinoff work for local prospectors, drillers, engineers and geologists from across northeastern Ontario and helped boost the economy until gold prices took a nosedive,
The Felicity ratings nosedive was because the shows were not based on real-life issues.
A week later, investors turned their back on the proposed acquisition of Internet portal Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS) by USA Networks (Nasdaq: USAI), the entertainment conglomerate, causing the index to fall 4%, the biggest one-day nosedive since the market's bout with the Asian flu.
Enjoying them has little to do with one's sex or sexual preference and more to do with the inclination to nosedive into the scent and not the thing.
New tooling orders (reported by 180 shops nationwide) saw the biggest increase in the West, while orders at South Central tool shops took an equally big nosedive.