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bleeding from the nose

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He may have had three nosebleeds when he got into the penalty box but he was great all day.
The most common causes of a nosebleed are a blow to the nose, fragile blood vessels, or the dislodging of crusts that have formed in the mucous membrane as a result of a common cold or other infection.
Dubai: Rising temperatures may cause some residents to experience nosebleeds, but there is no need to panic unless such incidents are frequent, a doctor said.
After another nosebleed, the physician packed the right nasal cavity.
She'd had a nosebleed, but it is obvious to me on the replay that she mistook the halffurlong marker for the finishing line.
In a written statement issued yesterday, Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides said that the President underwent nasal cauterization following a nosebleed and was admitted to a specialized hospital in the afternoon where he remained in the evening for strictly precautionary reasons.
A Saudi man who frequently suffered nosebleeds has been given a rather unusual diagnosis of an extra tooth growing in his nose.
The officer returned saying: "She's got a nosebleed.
Lately, I've been getting really bad nosebleeds, and I can't figure out why.
A Your nose contains a large number of blood vessels, all of which can be ruptured and cause nosebleeds.
The court heard Billy, of Severn Road, Cardiff, developed pneumonia as a result of blood from his nosebleed entering his lungs.
A: When your toddler has a nosebleed firmly pinch the soft part of his/her nasal cavity, just above the nostrils, for 10 minutes.
Ferguson was treated in hospital last Saturday after suffering a nosebleed, which left him in 'tremendous pain'.
It's not necessary to wait a long time after a nosebleed to use nasal rinses as long as they are done correctly and gently.
If your dog is having a nosebleed, then you should try to get it into a cool area, preferably in air-conditioning, keep it calm and quiet, and place a cool compress over the bridge of the nose.