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a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse)


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Instead, they have to make do with a nosebag full of chopped cardboard.
Both father and daughter rode him, sprinkled their palms with sugar--his long blue tongue sickened me--and filled his nosebag with homemade muesli.
He writes: "The team were having their lunchtime nosebag and the draymen must have been inside having their dinner hour.
The best thing, though, is that you don't even have to leave your desk to get yourself some of this quality nosebag -they have a delivery service.
The rider and saddle, a pair of valises with overcoat, on top of which was a blanket picquet cape, heel rope, heel peg and surcingle, two nets of hay and a nosebag of oats; a mess tin and a shoe pocket with two shoes and nails.
and toting my stock in a canvas bag previously used as a nosebag for our horse, I set off to confront my first prospect.
You want me to wear a nosebag like a me to wear a nosebag like a horse?
Given that gurning Gregg is on every other show, someone at the Beeb clearly believes there's nothing more entertaining than a loudvoiced barrow boy describing the taste of nosebag.
Alan Simpson: "We've only ourselves to blame We've become a mini America - eating for eating's sake, no proper meal times, eating on the hoof, while out shopping, and some of us wearing a horse's nosebag, going through a week's groceries while watching the latest blockbuster at the local flea pit.
The much-discussed sprinter is owned by golfer Lee Westwood and his agent Andrew 'Chubby' Chandler, who were on the scoresheet with On The Hoof in the Nosebag Cafeteria Maiden Stakes.
ACCORDING to nosebag legend, Sam Waley-Cohen was the matchmaker who brought Prince William and Kate Middleton back together.
The Redwings' Nosebag Cafe is in a wonderful, Alpine-style building that used to be a riding school.
Racegoers' guide to what's going on around the tracks BEVERLEY returns to action on Wednesday with pounds 200,000 worth of new facilities, including the creation of the Nosebag cafeteria and provision of extra washroom facilities in place of the Jockeys' Loft restaurant.
I have considered the option of the nosebag but feel, at 15, perhaps a hessian sack stuffed with food, hanging round his neck, would be a little embarrassing.
Nosebag Horse-obsessed Alexander, wearing a helmet, long shorts and a horse's nosebag, would nonchalantly munch oats from his nosebag while Mr Fowls scoffed buns.