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a flute that is played by blowing through the nostrils (used in some Asian countries)

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Here she is pictured playing the nose flute at the 'silong' (basement) of her house.
A Melanau youth plays a nose flute, Malaysia, date unknown.
But just because the Patagonian nose flute is the most profitable, we aren't going to jam our programme with them.
I'll also play a little of the `ohe,' the Hawaiian nose flute.
Featured guests include Eugene fiddler David Burham, harmonica player Dave Plaehn and nose flute specialist Dargoovo.
Wander into any record shop and the shelves are categorised: Rock and pop, soul, urban, metal, hip hop, country, Moroccan nose flute sea shanties .
Guzman interpreted Vivaldi's Flute Concerto in D Major; played flutes from all over the world, including our indigenous nose flute, backed up by an "incredible" foursome from the PPO's percussion unit; and fittingly rounded up the evening with Monti's Spanish-influenced "Czardas.
The ARX bullet foregoes the typical expanding hollowpoint design by incorporating three "power vane" nose flutes to effect similar impact cavities but with the benefit of greater penetration.
Grand Slam jackets have internal nose flutes to initiate and control upset.
En route to the park, I hop into a canoe going down the Melinau River, not realizing I'll buy bamboo nose flutes along the way.
Chapters that follow overview the variety of percussion (slit drums, sounding boards, jew's harps, rattles, gourd drum, body percussion), wind (conch signalling, panpipes, nose flutes, end-blown flutes, trumpets), and stringed (mouth bow) instruments.
They played high-pitched nose flutes and offered us potent rice wine to get us into the mood to buy their exquisite beaded craftwork.
They play different traditional instruments such as the kulintang, paldong, tongali, gangsa, kulitong, bongos, nose flutes, dizi flute, gongs, kumbing, sludoy (bamboo zither), sloli (flute) and hegelung (two-stringed lute).