nose candy

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street names for cocaine

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BLUR'S Alex James atones for a life of coke-snorting hedonism by seeing for himself the impact a taste for nose candy - with its key ingredients of, er, cement and sulphuric acid - has on the non-popstars of South America.
Shovelling as much nose candy into his system as he can, Ross finds himself spinning out of control on a three-day descent into hell, where he encounters Spider Mike's deranged girlfriend Cookie (Suvari), computer geek Frisbee (Fugit), his neighbour (Harry), and a pair of deranged, celebrity-obsessed cops (Stormare, Arquette).
He isn't averse to pocketing dirty money from covert drugs busts, or sampling seized nose candy himself.
Known in drug circles by its various nicknames - charlie, toot, nose candy, coke or marching powder - it is sold in folded paper packets for between pounds 50 and pounds 80 a gram.
But football's lawmen caved in to power and fame, just as the law cowed to Liam Gallagher when they caught him in Oxford Street carrying enough nose candy to make a rhino say wow.