northern harrier

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common harrier of North America and Europe

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Northern Harriers (n = 30) were the most commonly observed raptor at leks followed by Swainson's Hawks (n = 11), other buteos (n = 9), falcons (n = 5), and accipiters (n = 2).
We detected 15 predation attempts on Lesser Prairie-Chickens, primarily by Northern Harriers (n = 7), Swainson's Hawks (n = 3), and falcons (n = 2).
Northern Harriers and buteo hawks (including Swainson's Hawks) typically capture prey on the ground and would likely have difficulty overtaking and catching a prairie-chicken in the air (Macwhirter and Bildstein 1996, England et al.
Behavioral ecology of Red-Tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis), Rough-Legged Hawks (Buteo lagopus), Northern Harriers (Circus cyaneus), and American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) in south central Ohio.
Abundance, distribution, and nesting biology of Northern Harriers on Nantucket in the 2002 breeding season.
Behavior and habitat use of breeding Northern Harriers in southwestern Idaho.
Sixty juvenile Northern Harriers were analyzed, 30 each for females and males.
Merlins and Northern Harriers did not exhibit differential migratory patterns between males and females, years, and capture date.
Merlins and Northern Harriers from the same latitudes are likely migrating through the Florida Keys each year, suggesting this migration count may have value for monitoring population changes or declines for these two species.
001, df = 27) from January through April, while the number of northern harriers, a predominately winter resident, increased slightly, but not significantly, during the study (F = 0.
The majority of rough-legged hawks, northern harriers and American kestrels were observed in open grass lands, while most red-tailed hawks were observed along forest edges (Table 2).
The majority of rough-legged hawks and northern harriers were observed soaring rather than perched whereas about equal numbers of red-tailed hawks were observed soaring or perched in large trees (Table 3).
8 percent) and lower percentage of northern harriers (6.
Redtailed hawks and kestrels are year-round residents in Ohio (Peterjohn and Rice 1991) and northern harriers, although predominately a wintering species in southern Ohio, have been reported to nest on reclaimed grasslands in the south-central portion of the state (Peterjohn and Rice 1991).
Northern harriers, rough-legged hawks and American kestrels along my transect route were observed proportionally more frequently in open grasslands versus other habitats.
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