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Synonyms for northeastward

the compass point midway between north and east

toward the northeast

Related Words

in a northeastward direction

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A lesser return extends northeastward for about 131 feet.
A powerful typhoon was traveling northeastward Sunday off the coast of western Japan, threatening to land on the main island of Honshu after hammering the southern island of Okinawa, where it injured more than 50 people and caused extensive blackouts, the weather agency said.
For this reason, we guess the origin and genesis of Cenozoic bimodal volcanic rocks related to northeastward migration and upwelling of the collision-deduced mantle flow along the interface of 400 km depth beneath the Tibetan plateau, and also responses to eastward expanding of the Tibetan plateau.
The record from El Pedregoso represents the farthest locality in our study from Amealco, Querei taro, and extends the geographical range 53 km (by air) northeastward from this locality (Bryson et al.
According to the National Weather Service, a hurricane warning has been issued from Bogue Inlet, North Caroline, northeastward to the North Carolina/Virginia border, including the Pamlico and Albemarle sounds.
Seasonal low lies over Balochistan with its trough extending northeastward.
The proposed Pathfinder Pipeline project is an approximate 500-mile, 42-inch diameter interstate pipeline to transport natural gas northeastward from Wamsutter, WY through Montana and North Dakota to the Northern Border Pipeline Company system at a location commercially attractive for delivery into the Ventura and Chicago area markets.
It is expected to be moving northeastward away from the archipelago, the agency said.
THEY USUALLY BEGIN in the summer and strike periodically until well into autumn, riding the warm southern waters of the Kuroshio (Black Current), the great river-in-the-sea that flows northeastward along Japan's Pacific coast.
By Thursday evening, as Floyd reached northeastward along the New Jersey coast to New York City, its strength had further waned.
He noticed the manner in which the trees had fallen and deduced that, as the storm had traveled northeastward, the winds had spiraled.
Born in Gaul about 30, to a noble Batavian (Low Lands) family; entered the Roman army, and rose to the rank of general by the late 60s; dissatisfied with Roman rule, he used the pretext of opposition to Vespasian to raise the standard of revolt (69); repulsed in an attack on the legionary fortress of Vetera (near Birten) (69), he gained support from anti-Vespasian Roman troops, but was driven northeastward along the Rhine by strong Roman reinforcements; surrendered to loyalist forces, but the manner and date of his death are unknown.
This record is noteworthy because it is a new nesting record for the species in Texas, and the locality of capture extends the known range nearly 120 miles northeastward (from Alpine) in Texas.
The jet stream -- the narrow band of strong winds in the upper atmosphere -- usually dips down from Montana through Texas and then swings back northeastward over the southern states, carrying the cyclonic storms with it.
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