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Synonyms for northeastward

the compass point midway between north and east

toward the northeast

Related Words

in a northeastward direction

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Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Lee made landfall along the United States coastline in Louisiana before moving northeastward.
The record from El Pedregoso represents the farthest locality in our study from Amealco, Querei taro, and extends the geographical range 53 km (by air) northeastward from this locality (Bryson et al.
A continuous heavy movement of songbirds northeastward along the western flank of the peninsula (Fig.
According to the National Weather Service, a hurricane warning has been issued from Bogue Inlet, North Caroline, northeastward to the North Carolina/Virginia border, including the Pamlico and Albemarle sounds.
Seasonal low lies over Balochistan with its trough extending northeastward.
The storm system tracked northeastward, downing trees in northwest Georgia early Sunday and later damaging an elementary school roof in Darlington, S.
The severe weather continued to track northeastward early Sunday as gusty winds also downed trees crossing northwest Georgia.
Dixie is located approximately 6 kilometres north-northeast of the historic Bisbee mining camp and along a prominent structural trend that extends from Bisbee northeastward through the Entree property.
The proposed Pathfinder Pipeline project is an approximate 500-mile, 42-inch diameter interstate pipeline to transport natural gas northeastward from Wamsutter, WY through Montana and North Dakota to the Northern Border Pipeline Company system at a location commercially attractive for delivery into the Ventura and Chicago area markets.
It is expected to be moving northeastward away from the archipelago, the agency said.
THEY USUALLY BEGIN in the summer and strike periodically until well into autumn, riding the warm southern waters of the Kuroshio (Black Current), the great river-in-the-sea that flows northeastward along Japan's Pacific coast.
However, in the eastern part of the map area, Chalmers (1890) reported striae and grooves indicative of northeastward ice-flow.
Inverted troughs are common, extending northeastward across the Ohio River Valley from weak cyclones originating in the lower Mississippi River valley and Texas (Fig.
They either move northeastward out of the Gulf of Mexico or make landfall along the Atlantic coastline.
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