north-south direction

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in a direction parallel with lines of longitude

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The aim of this study is to compare the measured air temperature and relative humidity values with the simulated values using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in a naturally ventilated, gable-roofed single glass greenhouses located North-South direction, having different window spans such as 45deg and 90deg.
The fault structures, formed in this way and represented by uranium veins (zones), are situated roughly in a north-south direction and are the oldest fault structures in the deposit.
A prominent crooked string of stars runs through the cluster in a north-south direction.
Igniting its engines from the Pacific coast in Lima for the first time in history, it will follow the north-south direction which has not been used since it first arrived in South America in 2009.
The contract involves construction of an overpass in the north-south direction with service and approach roads, which will have to be completed in a year.
Whereas the Red and Green lines will run parallel through the metro station at the same level in an approximate north-south direction, the Golden line crosses the alignment of the other two lines to create and X-type station.
When Voyager passes into interstellar space, they would find that the magnetic field lines orient in a more north-south direction.
When it passes into interstellar space, the team expects Voyager will find that the magnetic field lines orient in a more north-south direction.
The main area of the 147 Zone extends approximately 250 m in a north-south direction.
The integrated drilling results now define a very coherent bedrock gold anomaly at the Dankassa Gold Trend that extends for over 12 km in a north-south direction.
Eridanus is the longest constellation in the north-south direction.
The design from Jestico + Whiles Architects features the arrangements of separate blocks wherein buildings are styled on the north-south direction to create natural shades for the children.
Instead, the airflow was more in the north-south direction," said the WMO.
5 km along the east-west direction and a width of 16 m (9 m thick) along the north-south direction.