north northwest

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the compass point that is midway between north and northwest

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Success on either of our holes will show that the Carlin trend continues to the north northwest and will generate significant interest in this area of the state.
As of this afternoon, Isabel is 350 miles South Southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina moving North Northwest at 11 miles per hour.
Additionally, the strike of the Scotch Thistle zone is west northwest as compared to the Coleman vein strike of north northwest thus providing more structural opportunities for gold deposits.
The geology in the area of the Lost Eagle includes a broad, north-trending anticline traversed by north northwest trending faults.
Alberta Stock Exchange: CWA) is pleased to announce that it has completed drilling the first hole of a two hole program at its Cirque property located 85 kilometers north northwest of the Voisey's Bay deposit in Labrador.
High altitude sensing has identified an expanded target zone trending north northwest from the original claim block.
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