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the compass point that is midway between north and northeast

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Bomi South is located 60 kilometers north northeast from Monrovia and lies adjacent to a railway terminating in the capital city.
Hughes said she advised her northbound customers to head across the Santa Clarita Valley, drive north northeast to the Antelope Valley then return to the Golden State Freeway on state Highway 138, north of the fire.
2 is located 2,560 feet in a north northeast direction from the Arkla Exploration Co.
The new area, Ojo de Agua, which is underlain by a large maar diatreme complex, is located 3 kilometres north northeast of the Dorado area, the location of Andina's ongoing definition drilling program.
Kitson-1 is located in PEL88 approximately 200 km north northeast of Moomba in South Australia, is expected to spud around 21 April 2005, take 18 days to reach the planned total depth of 2,205 meters and expected to cost $1.
The NWL Zone is located approximately 700 metres north northeast of the near surface M Zone resource, within 80 metres of Block A's eastern claim boundary.
One obvious target to test is the extension of the north northeast trending structural zone that hosts the Daguan Mine on the adjacent property to the north.
This drill hole is located in a 200 foot extension north northeast of the known mineralization in the Graben area.
The campsite is located approximately 5 miles north and 20 miles north northeast of the SUE-DIANNE and NICO discovery sites.
Both Zones A1 and A2 lie adjacent to a major north northeast trending magnetic high that cuts across both claim blocks.
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