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Among the infection control practices implemented, it is important to emphasize the surveillance of SSIs and compliance monitoring with the surgical bundles, which included antibiotic prophylaxis, perioperative glucose control, postoperative normothermia, and hair removal practices.
A non-systematic literature review was performed in databases such as PubMed and Medline, entering keywords in English: hypothermia in plastic surgery, complications of hypothermia, prevention of hypothermia, maintaining normothermia.
Normothermia is defined as a body's core temperature of 36[degrees]C - 38[degrees]C.
Bahnson and Newman reported [20] the earliest surgical approaches to myxomas by removing a myxoma from the right atrium via right anterior thoracotomy using a short period of caval obstruction at normothermia.
Perioperative normothermia to reduce the incidence of surgical-wound infection and shorten hospitalization.
This response can be minimized by the administration of some drugs, high flow bypass, and normothermia.
Active warming systems to maintain perioperative normothermia in hip replacement surgery: a therapeutic aid or a vector of infection?
4 L/m2/min at normothermia with temperature was allowed to drift to 32 degree Celcius.
Therefore, much emphasis should be on maintaining normothermia in these babies such as transfer to the operating theater in a warm incubator, ensuring theater temperature at least 27[degrees]C, placing the neonate on a warming mattress, covering the head to prevent loss of heat, infusing warmed fluids, and using forced-air warming devices intraoperatively.
During the experiments, temperature of animals was maintained in normothermia (37[degrees]C) with heating pads.
Active warming measures were employed and normothermia was achieved during procedure.
36[degrees]C that can also be defined as normothermia.
Antegrade warm blood cardioplegia versus cold blood cardioplegia in normothermia in the coronary artery bypass grafting procedures.
Every effort was made to maintain normothermia, normotension and a physiological pH; despite this the patient became hypothermic, hypotensive and acidotic, and the coagulopathy did not resolve.
111 Targeted Temperature Management: Use of Normothermia and Hypothermia