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Synonyms for normative

Synonyms for normative

pertaining to giving directives or rules


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A central challenge for normative constitutivism is to account for
that normative standards governing an individual cannot be grounded in
This section therefore discusses the extant organisational commitment literature, re-appraises the role of normative commitment and develops a number of hypotheses that are then tested in an ICT worker context.
Weiner (1982) discusses these considerations in terms of a normative/instrumental dichotomy, with normative pressures inducing employees to do the right thing, without reference to their own personal benefit, because they think it is the 'right' thing to do (Weiner, 1982:421).
No matter how varied their classification decisions, while defining the historically first experience of the normative theories description, they invariably referred to the "Four theories of the press" by Siebert, Peterson and Schramm (1956).
The hegemonic western model of journalism, which has dominated normative discussions for the past century, derives from a set of relationships and practices formed around relatively monopolistic daily newspapers and wire services at the end of the 19thcentury.
h6: Vision has a significant impact on normative organizational commitment.
h9: HR practices have a significant impact on normative organizational commitment.
Viewed from the functional perspective, the law) is a normative act which regulates a primary domain (Danisor.
Informational and normative influence can be viewed as two salient external stimuli which trigger different reactions to parental power in a family.
1) He frames the issue as a disagreement on the normative premises underlying the different policy-options, and he sketches three different positions: to feel compelled to act out of 'compassion,' acting to protect one's own interests ('enlightened self-interest') and act out of an obligation to human rights ('justice').
the disagreement revolves around the normative content of the concept,
Kratowchil rejects the notion that law's privileged status as an instrument of social order is inherent in the concept of law itself--we should not take legal rules for granted, or assume that they exist outside of historical context or normative pre-understandings.
Moreover, they have difficulty explaining how normative facts can guide action.