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Synonyms for normalize


Synonyms for normalize

become normal or return to its normal state

make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling


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Ferdosipour, for his part, condemned certain countries for attempts to normalize ties with the Zionist regime.
The US is reportedly pressuring states of the Arabian Gulf to normalize ties with Israel in exchange for holding direct Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, according to the Kuwaiti daily AL WATAN on Tuesday.
Normalization should follow a total pullout from Arab land, the formation of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state, and the return of Palestinian refugees home," according to the paper, stressing that halting settlement building is just not enough to normalize ties.
My intention to normalize diplomatic ties with North Korea by resolving the nuclear and abduction issues during the Koizumi administration has not changed,'' Koizumi was quoted as telling Yamasaki, former LDP vice president, at his office.
Intragastric and intraesophageal pH were related significantly in patients who did not normalize their intraesophageal pH, which suggested that these patients have an inadequate inhibition of gastric acid (Am.
suggests that when psoralen binds the receptor on diseased cells, it chemically normalizes a malfunctioning enzyme important in cell division.
In this intensive, four-hour event, presenters Tebay and Ruffalo will examine all aspects of adjustments to normalize income, earning, compensation and other aspects of the balance sheet in the business appraisal process.
The United States has requested that Arabs normalize ties with Israel in exchange for the Jewish state freezing settlements.
South Korea welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's reiteration of his hope to normalize diplomatic relations with North Korea during his term as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party through September next year, a senior South Korean official said Wednesday.
For expedience and because the effect was expected to be small, individual determinations at each temperature separated by flash heating were not taken or used to normalize these data.
While it is too early to tell if the treatment reverses the disease, it did normalize in the April 24 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.
BDNA Normalize and Normalize CM draw on the data in existing IT systems and use Technopedia to make that data accurate, consistent, contextual, rich and accessible.
Israel Pleased with a US Letter Urging Obama to Push Arabs to Normalize Ties
Kenneth Quinones, who was an analyst on North Korean affairs for the department from 1992 to 1997, said in an interview with Kyodo News that North Korean officials and scholars he met during a visit to Pyongyang last week consider the North as being in an advantageous position over Japan in bilateral efforts to normalize ties because Japan is in a rush to normalize ties.
I'm honored to be selected to help drive product recognition for Technopedia and the Normalize CM product.
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