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Synonyms for normal

Synonyms for normal

Synonyms for normal

something regarded as a normative example

conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm

Related Words

in accordance with scientific laws


being approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and development

forming a right angle

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He further explained that during the month of August, rainfall over the country was largely above normal i.
Well, it seems that normal no longer has the clout it once had.
MARCH Nordic Region - Colder than normal UK - Warmer than normal North Mainland - Colder than normal, except northern France South Mainland - Colder, except southern France/Iberia
For Tokyo to Paris services, the following fares will apply: JPY438,000 for Economy PEX, a decrease of 7%; JPY835,600 for normal Economy Class, unchanged from previous fares; JPY1,173,200 for normal Business Class, a rise of 7%; and JPY2,223,300 for normal First Class, up 13%.
50 plus normal rail fare to Kidderminster (normal price: pounds 11.
Afterward, "people who had the normal test had a very low incidence of death or sustained arrhythmias," says Bigger.
Laboratory studies showed an elevation of lactic dehydrogenase (1,403 IU/L; normal 180-460 IU/L), ferritin (12,727.
The patient also exhibited a normal voice without hyperfunction.
if men and women could maintain normal weight," says Eugenia Calle, director of analytical epidemiology at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta.
Two problems have emerged: (1) The exemption is narrowly defined, such that many purchases and sales must still be accounted for as derivative contracts, and, in any case, the effort to assess whether FAS 133 applies has not been obviated; and (2) applying the normal purchase-and-sales exemption may mask a company's risks and opportunities.
He looks and seems perfectly normal, until you see him in action, and then people ask me what's wrong with him.
A look behind the scenes of Normal, Ohio--TV's first sitcom about a nonurban, nonfabulous gay dad, starring John Goodman
1 Linemen -- tighten down your normal stances to provide more protection for the punter.
In addition, the earlier consensus on determining a normal servicing fee rate for the sale of a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan is summarized.