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a progesterone derivative used in oral contraceptives and in the control of menstruation and the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding

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Norethynodrel is a synthetic progestin used either as single entity drug or in combination with estrogen, such as ethinylestradiol or mestranol in oral contraceptives [9].
The present work deals with the study of the effect of ascorbic acid against the genotoxic damage induced by norethynodrel using chromosomal aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges as parameters.
After 24 hr, the treatment of norethynodrel (60 mg/ml) was given separately and along with 20, 60 and 80 mM of ascorbic acid.
After 24 hr, separate treatment of norethynodrel (60 mg/ml) and with 20, 40 and 80 mM of ascorbic acid were given.
The results of the present study reveal dose dependent significant decrease in the number of abnormal metaphases when norethynodrel (16 mg/ml) was treated with ascorbic acid (20, 40 and 80 mM) (Table 1).