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a catecholamine precursor of epinephrine that is secreted by the adrenal medulla and also released at synapses

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In the 1970s and early 1980s, several research groups offered some hints that norepinephrine plays a role in maternal behavior, notes Michael Numan of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Mass.
EB-1020 is being developed for adult ADHD based on its potent norepinephrine (NE) reuptake inhibition, combined with moderate dopamine (DA) reuptake inhibition and very modest serotonin (5-HT) reuptake inhibition.
This hypothesis is based on previous work demonstrating that increasing norepinephrine through pharmacological manipulation sharpens memory and that blocking norepinephrine impairs memory.
By reprocessing previous emotional experiences in this neurochemically safe environment of low norepinephrine during REM sleep, we wake up the next day, and those experiences have been softened in their emotional strength.
Lead researcher Els van der Helm said: "By reprocessing emotional experiences in this neuro-chemically safe environment of low norepinephrine, we wake up the next day, and those experiences have been softened in their emotional strength.
As a result of decreased levels of norepinephrine associated with PD, approximately 20% of PD patients may experience symptomatic NOH.
The authors note that either of two adrenergic agents, dopamine or norepinephrine (Levophed) is recommended as first-line vasopressors in the treatment of circulatory shock.
7) Both norepinephrine and serotonin are important brain-signaling molecules for depression.
This report described a liquid chromatographic electrochemical detection (LCED) (4) method for measuring plasma concentrations of catecholamines as well as dihydroxyphenylglycol (DHPG), the main deaminated metabolite of norepinephrine, dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA), the immediate precursor of dopamine, and dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC), the deaminated metabolite of dopamine.
As part of this regulation, norepinephrine secretion increases when stress levels increase--a situation swine commonly face during transport.
Tricyclics affect both norepinephrine and serotonin.
Milnacipran preferentially blocks reuptake of norepinephrine three times as much as it blocks reuptake of serotonin.
They expect Savella (milnacipran HCl), a selective serotonin and norepinephrine dual reuptake inhibitor, to be available in pharmacies by March 2009.
The remaining four papers review current findings on platelet activation induced by epinephrine, a link to hypertension, the effect of lesions on the pontine and cerebellar norepinephrine response, and epinephrine norepinephrine release from the atria and left ventricles.
Measurement of urinary epinephrine and norepinephrine levels, by high performance liquid chromatography, was done.