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Synonyms for nopal

cactus having yellow flowers and purple fruits

any of several cacti of the genus Nopalea resembling prickly pears

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Based in California, Nopal specializes in residential kitchen cabinetry as well as cabinetry for other rooms, which it produces at its approximately 3,000-squarefoot shop.
Walmart boasts that 87 percent of its merchandise sold in Mexican stores comes from national suppliers--companies such as Guadalajara-based Nopal Industrializado, which sells low-calorie and high-fiber tortillas, tostadas and totopos made from cactus flour under the "Senor Cactus" label.
This species dominates the nopal ecosystem through its long life span and ability to reproduce vegetatively by rooting of cladodes (Mandujano et al.
In Family Pictures/Cuadros de familia (15 Anniversary Edition), the reader can examine art depicting attending a fair, helping a grandmother do chores, killing a chicken for dinner, celebrating a birthday party, participating in a cakewalk, picking nopal cactus, observing a hammerhead shark on the beach, acting out the story of Mary and Joseph when they were seeking shelter at the Inn (the custom of Las Posadas), making tamales, celebrating the fifteenth birthday (Quinceanera), the use of a curandera (healer), and other scenes.
Believers in Mexican herbal remedies prefer to eat Nopal (Opuntia tomentosa), a native cactus cooked with salt, and consumed on its own, or together with the fruit, in order to control diabetes, an old Aztecan prescription.
The Boker Plus Nopal, by Texas knife- g maker Newton Martin, features a Wharncliffe blade, steel liner and textured G-10 scales.
Mira, Chillona, con el humidity que tenemos aqui, necesitas un buen mousse; I know how to make an excellent moisturizer from the nopal, si, el cactus, es un secreto, pero I'll share it with you, just don't be a crybaby anymore, OK?
One company, Gastronomfa Mexicana de Exportacion, has used several varieties of the nopal cactus, along with linseed oil, to develop tortillas that are highly nutritious and appropriate for the diets of people suffering from diseases like diabetes.
Among the first marchers were nearly 250 teenagers carrying replicas of native, paddle-shaped nopal cacti on their heads.
Mexico City is based on the legend that when the people arrived and saw an eagle sitting on a cactus that they knew they had arrived home," De la Sota says, referring to the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, meaning the place of the nopal cactus.
Alvarez (1963) observed the species eating fruits of nopal (prickly pear, Opuntia lindheimeri) cactus in Tamaulipas, Mexico.
El Nopal Family Mexican Restaurant was approved to sell spirits/beer/wine in a restaurant lounge at 6104 Portal Way, Ferndale.
61) Rivera even attempted painting the Secretaria de Educacion murals using nopal cactus juice as a pigment binder, a technique used in pre-colonial period Teotihuacan.
In a single day, it is possible to go from lowland tropical rainforest to high desert spiked with nopal, up to pine-fir forest cloaked in mists at 12,000 feet and down finally into brackish-water mangroves along the Pacific coast.