nooks and crannies

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something remote

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Samuel Bath Thomas created his original English Muffin using a secret process that included griddle baking to create a muffin filled with Nooks and Crannies goodness.
Groups of ancient trees growing together are the most important of all as the variety of nooks and crannies they provide creates an amazing community of wildlife.
Marigold flowers, since they consist of numerous nooks and crannies, normally dry out with difficulty after morning irrigation and, as a result, turn brown or black with fungus.
Key executives from organizers Centaur were seen scurrying around the nooks and crannies of Olympia signing up this year's exhibitors for 2007 and meeting with success.
Plenty of pool coping, a cradle, corners, trannies built up to rocks on the outer edge, and plenty of nooks and crannies to suit your needs.
I had the pleasure of tracking down sections of the original prototype too corroded to be restored but nevertheless displayed in the dark nooks and crannies of Rudolph's tower--and felt a certain frisson on fingering the bullet holes in one panel.
The form generates a wide variety of spaces, of shapes and sizes, gaps, dead-ends, nooks and crannies, creating a series of in-between places where people may be naturally inclined to find refuge.
As the logs begin to decay, they will look more natural and encourage friendly bugs to make their home in your garden I the damp nooks and crannies are especially popular with frogs and toads.
Sand thrown up by tracks or wheels will end up in the pintle's nooks and crannies.
Nooks and crannies have been spruced up, equipment cleaned and polished and displays created to give a whole new look to the shed.
This time, the nasty nooks and crannies won't be under the bedand behind the fridge, but under the oxter and behind the ears.
The new precious-metal films might also find use as catalysts since their nooks and crannies could promote chemical reactions, Porter suggests.
The NSCAA is here for you, and "Expanding Horizons" means that you can expect to find a NSCAA presence in even more nooks and crannies.
So the next time you are skiing in Chamonix or frolicking among the nooks and crannies of the sunny Alps, make sure to indulge in a drop (or two) of this unique beverage.
mutans causes cavities, and he doubts that coffee can penetrate the "tiny fissures, inside the nooks and crannies of teeth where the bacteria can hide.