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not producing venom

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Caption: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The northern water snake is a nonvenomous water species.
However, some genera of the Dipsadidae family (=Colubridae), considered nonvenomous, are capable of causing bites.
In reality, however, bites by nonvenomous snakes are common, and bites by venomous species are not always accompanied by the injection of venom (dry bites).
Identification of the snakes as venomous or nonvenomous should not be used as criteria whether to seek medical care11.
Within an hour, a local woman who keeps snakes had recognised her plight and identified the reptile as a corn snake, a nonvenomous species normally kept as a pet.
Once back at my truck, I saw another rattler on the road, and then a smaller, nonvenomous Eastern racer.
The student, identified as 22-year-old Eugene resident Qian Xie, was keeping the nonvenomous snake as a pet, McLaughlin said.
The species is nonvenomous and more docile toward humans than most other snakes, two reasons for its one-time preferential status as a pet.
African ball Python (Python regius) is a nonvenomous python species found in Africa.
Those codes affecting the most cases are the codes for foreign bodies, nonvenomous animal or insect bites, and venomous bites and stings.
There was a 19% rise in admissions caused by bites or stings from nonvenomous insects or arthropods, including bed bugs, mosquitoes and fleas.
Imported from Poland, the nonvenomous constrictor - currently unnamed - will join other reticulated pythons in the Record Breaker section of the park's Reptile World.
Imported from Poland, the nonvenomous constrictor- currently unnamed - will join fellow reticulated pythons in the Record Breaker section of Mark O'Shea's Reptile World.
Pit vipers are venomous snakes with a heat-sensing pit anteroinferior to each eye, elliptical pupils (cat's eyes), and a single row of scales on their undersides--in contrast to nonvenomous snakes, which have no facial pits, round eye pupils, and 2 rows of scales on their undersides.
anaconda Either of two nonvenomous, semiaquatic snakesof tropical South America that kill their prey by suffocating it in their coils.