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Synonyms for nontoxic

not producing or resulting from poison


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safe to eat

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Founded in 2011 by Kathleen Blaney, MSN, ARNP-C, and CEO of Simply Nontoxic Cosmetics, she has always been passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle along with providing quality driven products to the consumer.
It said that while it sent the samples to a specialized laboratory for testing, the quantities were insufficient to identify the exact cause, but due to the presence of living biological organisms in the water, the conclusion was reached that the material was nontoxic and likely the result of organic dye used in the textile industry.
Level Two coatings tend to be primarily nontoxic but not necessarily petrochemical-free.
To make their nontoxic coatings sturdy, Schuh and his coworkers applied a well-known strategy: creating nanoscale crystalline grains in the materials.
The assumption behind his remark was that plenty of nontoxic alternatives must exist as substitutes, or that products made from these chemicals could be altogether eliminated.
Another alternative is Bug'n'Out, a natural, nontoxic biting insect repellent spray that uses a four percent concentration of citronella oil to safely and effectively repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies and chiggers.
The Cornell group, led by materials science and engineering professor Christopher Ober, has developed a layered coating that may be more durable and more effective than currendy available nontoxic hull paints.
Cleaning agents used at Pitchess Detention Center are nontoxic and contain chemicals that are not absorbed by the body, Vander Horck said.
They are converting soluble, toxic elemental lead into insoluble, nontoxic forms.
But data from a new animal study suggest the possibility of one day checking this cancer's potentially lethal spread with a nontoxic, fruit-derived dietary supplement.
EcoOne Spa Treatment System is a safe, nontoxic, easy to use spa water treatment that dramatically reduces the need for toxic chemical in spa treatment.
Luckily, many companies are now starting to offer viable alternatives, such as nontoxic paint and organic cotton shower curtains.
This dinoflagellate, which inhabits estuaries, spends nearly all of its time in nontoxic life stages.
A Moorpark company is planning today to unveil a nontoxic gasoline additive it says provides the emission reductions and fuel efficiency without the environmental concerns of the controversial additive MTBE.
It's a lesson she learned last year, when Japanese researchers published data demonstrating that a nontoxic, anti-metastasis drug her team was working on (SN: 4/15/89, P.