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not characteristic of or skilled in applied arts and sciences



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Recent BCG research indicates that more than 70% of breaches exploit nontechnical vulnerabilities.
He made this announcement while talking to representative delegation of Technical and NonTechnical Govt Employees Coordination Council that called on him at CM House Peshawar with Malik Muhammad Naveed as head and apprised the Chief Minister of its problems and demands.
The book's broad-brush, nontechnical approach is not designed for every reader interested in intelligence.
Consider the following nontechnical skills as essential:
Without writing code, nontechnical customers can create and test multiple user interface designs and flows so that different consumers experience the same app in different ways.
In nontechnical language, the article explains the measurement techniques used in estimating GDP and the national accounts and how BEA must strike a balance between timeliness and accuracy when estimating GDP, so the data can be used to monitor real economic growth and inflation as well as major areas of interest, such as investment in information technology and developments in the housing sector.
An internal calibration table and easier-to-use operator interface allows for analysis by nontechnical personnel, said the company.
0 also includes Module Builder, which allows nontechnical users to capture all pertinent information for users and managers to either build modules from scratch or combine existing or custom objects into a new CRM module.
The included case studies examine in a nontechnical format GIS software to model an electric distribution system, identify the best location for a distribution substation, locate damage, prevent outages and gas leaks, lower operating costs, and track work orders.
Author Ian Masser is one of the world's SDI experts, but here he's able to provide a nontechnical guide to how GIS is used in both government and private endeavors, making his guide surprisingly accessible across genres.
Written in nontechnical terminology for lay readers, and featuring numerous two-color maps and black-and-white photographs, Roadside Geology of Colorado is filled cover to cover with eye-opening driving tours.
Workflow Designer adds a Business Rules Engine for easily built complex document routing rules with nontechnical as well as JavaScript language for advanced users.
One challenge was how to dictate mathematical equations involving complex expressions and Greek letters to nontechnical helpers.
They explain the enigma and the controversy behind it in straightforward, nontechnical language.
John Bumgarner, research director for security technology with the US-CCU, says that the idea for the checklist evolved because, despite the number of industry-specific guidances (such as Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO standards), there was nothing aimed at nontechnical managers.