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Second, the model guides the factfinder to consider evidence of culpability, using reasonable, nonsubjective inferences to determine culpability from a more concrete, familiar perspective than an "average [comparable] corporation" (239) by instead looking to the body of individuals representing senior management.
So our subjectivities are nonsubjective (nonhuman becoming) arrangements of intensities.
However, while these artists used seriality as a nonsubjective, anti-aesthetic way of composing artworks, or explored systems to fathom ecological, political, and economic structures, Boetti, in a manner closer to the sensibility of the contemporaneous writers associated with the Oulipo group, positively delighted in permutations and combinations, in the charms of word squares and square roots and in the balance of formulas.
While using MCQ questions has many advantages, including versatility in covering several topics, nonsubjective automated marking, and significant cost savings, it is being criticized for its low reliability due to random effects such as guessing(Burton, 2001), and lack of authenticity which discourages higher order thinking and promotes surface learning(Wiggins, 1990; Paxton, 2000).
However, courts and taxing authorities tend to focus on nonsubjective evidence in order to infer intent.
This looking without desire defines the attitude of pure attention that she ascribes to the radical, or nonsubjective, ego.
8) Input-based approaches rest on easily obtainable nonsubjective data, but in the absence of an obvious threshold above which an industry is deemed high tech, the resulting lists must be considered arbitrary.
There is as yet no reliable, independent, quantifiable, and nonsubjective test for DR.
The PRIDIT method is, however, nonsubjective and does not focus on specific variables, but rather gives higher weight to variables that seem to distinguish the high group (nonfraud) from the low group (fraud), yielding an ultimate claim file score.
Power relations are both intentional and nonsubjective .
Determining the significance of the gravel resource is a mathematical, nonsubjective process.
In Search of Nonsubjective Ground for Practical Reason.