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Antonyms for nonstandard

not conforming to the language usage of a prestige group within a community

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varying from or not adhering to a standard


not standard


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Nonstandard auto insurance policies (which, like standard auto policies, are filed with state regulators) are highly customized to policyholders' specific needs, and coverage and price can vary widely.
A larger share of parents who use day care centers receive child care subsidies, and parents who work nonstandard schedules are less likely to use day care centers in favor of relative or informal care.
One of the key messages of the book is that public policy has struggled, and is struggling, to keep up with the quickly evolving labor market and the growth of nonstandard employment.
Specifically, in households where the father works 9 to 5 and the mother works a nonstandard schedule, adolescents reported higher levels of closeness to their parents than households where parents both worked standard schedules, Hendrix said.
In the Army's ERP environment, a nonstandard, non-cataloged item is defined as an item not found in the Army Enterprise System Integration Program (AESIP) material master catalog or in the GCSS--Army catalog.
PA 98-2 focused on two of the manipulations at Cendant: nonstandard journal entries and the substitution of a different final document after review of a draft document by the auditors.
Since were(n't) in nonstandard positions was definitely not a salient feature of (British or American) Early Modern English, one may wonder whether this phenomenon appeared in the New England dialect of the second half of the 19th century--and if so, whether there might be a connection between nonstandard were(n't) in the New England territory and nonstandard were(n't) in the Mid- and South Atlantic states, the latter described in the subject literature (see sections to follow for a detailed discussion).
In addition, the expansion of the United States' service economy has increased demand for employees to work during nonstandard hours, doing jobs such as waiting tables in restaurants--which are overwhelmingly held by women.
Nonstandard working hours mean families spend less time together for dinner but more time together for breakfast.
The new technology uses a database of ''Tron codes'' assigning an identification number to each nonstandard character.
coli genetic instructions for making a nonstandard amino acid--one produced by another bacterium as part of a defensive chemical but not naturally integrated into proteins.
During this evaluation a nonstandard maneuver was flown with the intent of determining the AFGS response-to-heading offset while heading hold was engaged.
The paper asserts that it is the job of teachers to present students with appropriate knowledge about language and to raise awareness of nonstandard dialects, rather than perpetuate myths.
But while the unemployment rate by 1999 had fallen to its lowest point since the 1960s, the number of contingent and nonstandard workers reached an all-time high.