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Thou art one of those wise men," cries she, "whose nonsensical principles have undone the nation; by weakening the hands of our government at home, and by discouraging our friends and encouraging our enemies abroad.
He has started some nonsensical objection to his wife being one of the witnesses, and has obliged me to ask you to join us in the library.
It was all too extravagantly nonsensical, and I conceived that it would be best to compose for myself a grave de meanour.
Wherefore, and because he looked with no favourable eye upon young girls, but rather considered that they and the whole female sex were a kind of nonsensical mistake on the part of Nature, he took occasion to retire and shake his head in private at the boiler; inspired by which silent oracle, he was moved to give Joe various stealthy nudges with his elbow, as a parental reproof and gentle admonition to mind his own business and not make a fool of himself.
You might hope to get some other nonsensical belief into the head of George Gradgrind, or Augustus Gradgrind, or John Gradgrind, or Joseph Gradgrind (all supposititious, non-existent persons), but into the head of Thomas Gradgrind - no, sir!
A NEW effort is being launched to end the nonsensical, unreasonable and unacceptable power that Scottish MPs have to affect what happens in England.
We have a tendency to phrase things as black issues or nonblack issues, which is really nonsensical because what happens to the United States and its resources are a responsibility for all of us.
We've all heard that song before, more or less: The problem starts with the invention of a violent and vindictive deity ("The God of Abraham is not only unworthy of the immensity of creation; he is unworthy even of man"), whose supposed infallible utterances are both nonsensical and--unlike rational beliefs--impervious to falsification.
The scrambled syntax of the show's title, "I Is Had Gone," together with the shiny Mylar and cheap tinsel, is symptomatic of the positive, disruptive power of the nonsensical elements that drive her art.
However, I just can't ignore the nonsensical assertions about science they are making and need to respond in some fashion.
On first impression, some architects will find the Fondation Beyeler's current exhibition, Archisculpture, nonsensical.
Set at a French wedding (although the oddball characters are unmistakably British), the ballet plays on Stein's nonsensical lyrics, jauntily recited by Christian Holder, via the antics of a skirt-chasing bridegroom whose past catches up with him.
Until recently, it was believed that only exonic sequences were functional, and that the rest of the DNA was a sort of genetic detritus, consisting of useless code such as defective copies of genes, nonsensical repeats, and the remains of disabled retroviruses (potent viruses such as HIV that can insinuate their code into the DNA of their hosts).
Nonsensical busywork is used to justify questionable curricular content and dubious objectives are used to validate preposterous busywork.
John Russell Brown writes on devices in Shakespeare that convey sexual arousal in performance, such as tongue-tied first meetings or clumsy words, evasions, or nonsensical speech.