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having a body that is not divided into segments

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Many dermatologists are not aware of the diagnosis MAL and may easily diagnose and treat these patients as having nonsegmental vitiligo.
Orecchia, "Higher plasma catecholamine and metabolite levels in the early phase of nonsegmental vitiligo," Pigment Cell Research, vol.
If viewed in an overall developmental context, the dual nature of sipunculan ontogeny becomes obvious: whereas myogenesis proceeds in a typical nonsegmental mode along the entire longitudinal body axis, early neurogenesis shows the characteristic annelid-like anterior-posterior progression, demonstrating the segmented ancestry of sipunculans (see Figs.
41) If the distribution is peripheral and nonsegmental, TBB is less likely to be diagnostic.
The low probability category includes nonsegmental perfusion defects such as cardiomegaly, an enlarged aorta, enlarged hila and elevated diaphragm.
consonants and vowels) but also learning nonsegmental aspects (i.
Diagnostics included a perfusion lung scan revealing patchy nonsegmental defects.
Vitiligo was classified according to pattern of distribution of patches as segmental and nonsegmental.
It was common in both sexes majority had nonsegmental disease and duration of disease was less than 3 years in 60% and 53.
2) Consolidation may be lobar as in klebsiella, pneumonia, (1) segmental, patchy/ nonsegmental or multifocal.
19 Koebnerization and nonsegmental subtypes are associated with disease progression in patients not receiving therapy.
1539 Recommended evaluation checklist for the management of patients with nonsegmental is given in Box 1 and 2.
Treat as nonsegmental vitiligo additionally helium neon laser can be used for better results.
Multiple foci and bilateral spread characterize predominant nonsegmental form in the study sample.
Nonsegmental vitiligo exhibits familial tendency, association with other autoimmune disorders with evident autoimmune pathology in perilesional skin.