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that may not be returned


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T]he importance of interpreting general rules in harmony with more specific rules does not advance McAdam's thesis that the absence of rules defining the status of the broader class of nonreturnable persons must be filled by effectively recasting the Refugee Convention's beneficiary class.
Most restitution claims in respect of nonreturnable benefits are limited as may be necessary to protect an innocent recipiant from any possibility of an involuntary exchange.
Improvements in transportation, the introduction of nonreturnable containers, and advances in technology dramatically increased the minimum efficient scale in bottling operations.
Bring a recent, nonreturnable photo and identification that proves you are 20 or older.
208) In Clover Leaf Creamery, the Supreme Court upheld a Minnesota law that prohibited the sale of milk in plastic nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers, but permitted sales in other nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers, such as paperboard milk cartons.
Most notably, aspects of international human rights law have been applied to address the protection needs of a range of nonrefugees who may fall outside of the 1951 Refugee Convention, but may be nonreturnable to their country of origin.
Clover Leaf concerned a 1977 Minnesota statute banning the retail sale of milk in plastic, nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers, while allowing the sale of milk in other nonreturnable and nonrefillable containers, such as cardboard milk cartons.
The much-maligned Hong Kong-based businessman pledged his commitment to acquiring the club by paying a nonreturnable pounds 3 million deposit with the view to taking over the Premier League side almost two years after his pursuit began.
Would-be contestants should bring along a nonreturnable photo of themselves.
Noncancelable, nonreturnable (NCNR) custom parts are also a cost driver.
We paid a deposit of pounds 1,000 which we were advised was nonreturnable if we pulled out of the contract.
As part of the cleanup, volunteers separated all nonreturnable bottles and cans (such as bottled water, juice, ice teas and sports drinks) from returnable (deposit) containers.
Featured is the new Metalvac metallized paper catalogue with samples and data sheets for the entire product line, including the various finishes to give a different touch to labels and returnable and nonreturnable packaging.