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not reverberant

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It means the system will be in nonresonant state if the load is changed, which causes low efficiency and high total harmonic distortion.
Since presenting results for all nonresonant frequency ranges would take up much space, we will dwell on the case where the angular frequency [omega] lies in the range [[omega].
Material measurements using resonances have much higher precision than using nonresonant transmission lines.
Stridulation in Ensifera is either resonant or nonresonant (Morris 2008): indicated by high-Q or low-Q (band) spectra (Q is the central tendency of spectral peaks and see Ewing 1989, p.
For a nonresonant electrically short wire of length l (where l [much less than] [lambda]/2), terminated in a matched load, the effective cross-sectional area is approximately 0.
Alternatively the structure can be broken down to nonresonant parts that can be recombined in CST Design Studio, where evanescent mode coupling is taken into account.
The cantilever is different in that it is actually more complex in construction, torsionally more rigid, and nonresonant.
Lang's virtuosic work requires three different resonant metal sounds, eight nonresonant metal timbres (four of which are to be played with foot pedals), two wood blocks of contrasting pitches, and a bass drum played with a foot pedal.
Suppose, then, that the effort which has been again and again made to construct a universal language on a rational basis has at length succeeded, and that you have a language which has no uncertainty, no whims of idiom, no cumbrous forms, no fitful shimmer of many-hued significance, no hoary archaisms familiar with forgotten years' - a patent deodorized and nonresonant language, which effects the purpose of communication as perfectly and rapidly as algebraic signs.
In general, products will not be damaged by nonresonant inertial loading caused by vibration in the distribution environment because the acceleration levels of most vehicles are low compared to a product's critical acceleration.
Essentially nonresonant coupling elements were used to optimally couple to the dominating characteristic wavemodes of the chassis, and the antenna structures were tuned to resonance with matching circuits.
In this paper I review body size and carrier in acoustic Ensifera (crickets and katydids) in the context of the two basic stridulatory generating mechanisms used by these insects: resonant and nonresonant stridulation (Elsner & Popov 1978).
4), the nonresonant third-order nonlinearities of PPBN films could be measured from the time-resolved transient optical Kerr signals as shown in Fig.
Nonresonant slot antennas have a wider bandwidth but add more losses to the design.
Mortensen, "Performance analysis and experimental verification of mid-range wireless energy transfer through nonresonant magnetic coupling," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.