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not capable of physical reflection


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Proprietary durable black finishes form a protective coat over the metal, including hard and rust-resistant varieties, while also remaining nonreflective and relatively simple to maintain.
Fluid is nonreflective, so it shows up as darker tissue on the scan.
As Bulwer's epithet the "Staring Nation" implies, the London world of shows also seemed especially to draw upon the pornographic power of visual sensation in this larger sense of a powerful, nonreflective immediacy, a trait that Jameson's characterization of film also cites.
Loomis said the foundation had agreed to a nonreflective surface as one of the conditions to putting the flag on the hill.
I wondered, then, how prisoners like Danny came to conceive of their masculinity in ways that are inconsistent with and nonreflective of normative masculinities commonly observed in mainstream and prison cultures.
Then he draped a nonreflective olive green canvas on the rack, creating a pitch-black interior for the pilots.
Wall-mounted fixtures have parallel louvers that are usually coated with a nonreflective material (19).
At Grimaldi's, customers may choose from nonreflective pieces or museum-quality glass.
A nonreflective person, Melle's speeches and essays, while oratorically impressive, were shallow.
As best as can be determined, then, Patterson's view of statutory interpretation is something like the following: Interpretation (including statutory interpretation) is less important in law that it is usually thought to be; it is subsidiary to understanding and capable of taking place only against the background of a nonreflective linguistic practice.
Human consciousness is at once nonreflective self-awareness and reflective openness, which dynamically unfolds in the self-transcending process of experiencing, understanding, judging, and deciding.
In an equally important aspect of her critique, Fludernik demonstrates how Banfield's expression for free indirect discourse - "Represented Speech and Thought" (RST) - designates a broader range of phenomena than is usually taken into consideration by the traditional term, as it concerns the narrative's representation of reflective consciousness and speech together with that of nonreflective consciousness.
For example, paintings can be exhibited behind a nonreflective glass, and small objects can be displayed in enclosed cases.
If glare is a problem, try covering the top or bottom half of the page with nonreflective black cardboard.
Furthermore, the deep loft of the fabrics makes them pleasant to the touch of the skin and provides a flat, nonreflective appearance.