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not protected by trademark or patent or copyright


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WHOs INN Expert Group and the USAN Council approve simple, informative and unique nonproprietary names, also known as generic names, for drugs to allow for clear communication among health professionals and to identify chemical/pharmacological relationships.
Immunicum AB has received approval for the International Nonproprietary Name (INN), ilixadencel, for its lead programme Intuvax, the company disclosed on Monday.
The survey follows the Food and Drug Administration's August 2015 release of draft guidance on the nonproprietary naming of biosimilars.
7 percent of banks charged their customers for use of nonproprietary ATMs; the fees averaged $0.
Biotechnology company NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE MKT:NBY) reported on Tuesday the receipt of approval from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the international nonproprietary name (INN) "auriclosene" for its lead Aganocide compound NVC-422.
M2 PHARMA-February 21, 2013-NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc's international nonproprietary name auriclosene for NVC-422 approved by WHO(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
M2 PHARMA-March 23, 2012-Endocyte Inc gets USAN & WHO approval for nonproprietary names of vintafolide for EC145 and EC20(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The Trusted Computing Group (TCG), an industry group of more than 135 members working to secure the enterprise, released today three new specifications for its nonproprietary Trusted Network Connect (TNC) architecture for trusted network access control and endpoint integrity.
PGP Corporation is committed to standards-based, nonproprietary technologies, ensuring wide compatibility among deployments.
We have aggressive growth plans, and I'm confident that Robert will help us continue to penetrate our proprietary distribution and significantly expand our nonproprietary market share," said Kathleen Preston, president, retail annuities division.
From Fortune 500 giants to small public safety dispatch centers, companies benefit from VPI's nonproprietary, flexible, software-based design.
In late 2001 American Express Retirement Services enhanced the SmartPartners program, adding a "Platinum" list of nonproprietary funds with ongoing qualitative oversight and American Express' seamless service, and an "Open Market" list of nonproprietary funds extending access to more then 2400 mutual funds from 70 fund families.
This will enable Sumitomo's researchers to view a combination of proprietary and nonproprietary data in a fully integrated, secure and seamless environment.
Gene Logic will also construct a custom interface through which Organon researchers will view a combination of both proprietary data resulting from the custom research collaboration as well as the nonproprietary data available from the GeneExpress(R) Suite in a fully integrated, secure and seamless environment.
Throughout our growth, we have consistently paid close attention to ACORD standardization and the implementation of nonproprietary systems as well as user preference.