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Synonyms for nonpoisonous

not producing poison

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safe to eat

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Manufacturing of nonpoisonous low-density Chinese fir particleboard bonded with diisocyanate adhesive.
The police have now impounded the reptile, which has been identified as a Sinaloan milk snake, which are nonpoisonous and originate from America.
The bite of a very large nonpoisonous snake, like a twenty-foot anaconda or python, may be considered dangerous.
In the past, the eastern indigo's docile temperament, shimmering bluish-black skin, and nonpoisonous status made it a popular specimen among amateur herpetologists, who caught them as pets or sold them for commercial trade.
Unfortunately, like most mushroom species, it is not unique in appearance and can be mistaken for nonpoisonous varieties.
Bites from nonpoisonous snakes, such as garter snakes or pet snakes, often times just brush the skin with@ out breaking it.
Dian'erkang Aerosol Disinfectant comes in an easy-to-use application, is pollution-free and nonpoisonous to the human body.
Animal Control said garden snakes do come in different shades of green, and that black racers and water snakes are both nonpoisonous.
Propane is a nontoxic, nonpoisonous gas that does not contaminate soil or water.
Nonpoisonous spiders: They do 80 percent of the natural pest control in your garden by trapping and eating whiteflies, aphids, wasps and flies while you sleep.
Caldwell expanded on that research by determining exactly what poisonous and nonpoisonous frogs eat in the wild.
Noting by now that its eyeballs were round and trusting in my recollection that round eyeballs meant nonpoisonous, I found the courage to move the broom around and raise the ruffle on the curtain.
Other products, which will not be included in the sale of EKCO Group to CCPC Holdings, include nonpoisonous and low-toxic household pest control products, small-animal care and control products, and pet supplies and accessories.
After frosting the top as desired, add some fresh, nonpoisonous flowers (or use artificial if you feel more comfortable) or some fun plastic sport-themed toys, paper flags, balloon designs or anything to tie in with the party theme.
Often confused with its nonpoisonous sister plant, poison sumac can be distinguished by the location of its fruit, which grows between the leaf and branch versus the end of the branch.