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Synonyms for nonpayment

act of failing to meet a financial obligation

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loss resulting from failure of a debt to be paid

the deliberate act of failing to pay money

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Khel areas due to nonpayment of Rs 1,020,247, Kala Gora village from 5 distribution
The Pesco teams also disconnected power supply to 7 street lights in Hangu, water supply schemes at Tall, degree college Tall due to nonpayment of Rs.
It is important to gather the facts before an owner decides whether to bring a nonpayment or holdover proceeding.
Now, house owners in Tank and D I Khan have been asking them to vacate rented houses on account of nonpayment of rents of houses in both these adjacent districts.
Gary Harper, 47, of Cloverdale Close, Holbrooks, faced a complaint for nonpayment of council tax and costs totalling PS2,376.
The eighth, the expiration of the nonpayment testing period, does not actually result from a discharge and may be difficult to determine.
E&O carriers have stated for years that calling the insureds for nonpayment exposes us to a greater liability than leaving the notifications to the company.
9430; REG-118327-08) were issued limiting application of the 36-month nonpayment testing period rule of Sec.
What are the obligations and duties of an insurer, insurance broker or agent with respect to notices of cancellation for nonpayment of premium?
Nonpayment of due insurance money by all 38 life insurance companies in Japan totaled 91 billion yen in about 1.
Other Merseyside authorities reported much lower levels of nonpayment,but these total led another pounds 9.
Lawmakers should move quickly beyond the scandal over nonpayment of national pension premiums and start deliberations on the real issue -- reform of the public pension system.
Let them know the consequences of nonpayment up front, not after they become delinquent.
Export credit insurance protects commercial accounts receivables against nonpayment, enabling companies to offer more competitive payment terms and access more cost-effective financing.
In addition to the other provisions of this section, if the seller of movables has not been paid by the subcontractor and has not sent notice of nonpayment to the general contractor and owner, then the seller shall lose his right to file a privilege or lien on the immovable property.