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Synonyms for nonparallel

of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations

(of e.g. lines or paths) not parallel

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Algorithms Typical architecture Nonpipelined Pipelined and and nonparallel nonparallel architecture architecture Range processing 2,090,016 1,934,256 DBF 498,432 377,600 Doppler processing 1,161,216 919,552 Detection processing 139,264 139,264 Total 3,888,928 3,370,672 Algorithms Proposed architecture Data Fine- routing grained based pipelined pipelined and and parallel parallel architecture architecture Range processing 241,782 227,622 DBF 47,200 Doppler processing 114,944 114,944 Detection processing 17,408 17,408 Total 421,334 359,974 TABLE II.
Challenges for transdisciplinary research processes will continue to be the low tangibility of sustainability problems as well as nonparallel developments of policy processes and knowledge production.
In reading through this section, artists will come to see not only the above truths regarding the growth of forms, but also related truths about how the human form is nonparallel, how its parts taper and interlock, and how it is able to act as a unified whole.
2008: Gender marking of occupational terms and the nonparallel treatment of boy and girl.
This nonparallel exit configuration brings entrainment of nominally static fluid surrounding the nozzle exit into transitional regions of jet development with radial momentum and contribution to concentration of streamwise momentum in the centerline of the jet.
Another limitation is the chronologically sequential, nonparallel design of the study where, with minor exception, the frozen graft series occurred prior to the glycerol-preserved graft series.
In both of the references, the authors found that for nonparallel propagation, the gravitational attraction between photons is non-zero.
Typically the index and middle fingers move inward on nonparallel planes so as to approach the thumb in a three-jaw chuck fashion.
Therefore, to construct the centre of a given circle, we need two nonparallel segments with their midpoints, or equivalently a parallelogram, or a triangle and its centre of gravity (the intersection point of its medians).
The switch occurs at a non-permissible point since it occurs at a grammatically nonparallel point between English to baptize and Spanish bautizar a, given the use of the Spanish preposition a.
It's astonishing how many "professional" news sites unintentionally offer multiple URL variations, assigning several nonparallel URLs to one item.
The coupling between two nonparallel lines has been studied using the approach [11-13], where the riser effect to another line is taken into account but the effect to the line itself is ignored.
Although this potential nonparallel treatment could make the lessee's liability greater than the lessor's receivable, the respective balances reflect the economic value to each party.
E] is not a requirement of the CA definition; more generally, [gamma] can vary with effect level E if A and B have nonparallel DRCs (Howard and Webster 2009).
Of course, the "union moralement valorisee" (Leduc 1981, 14) mimicked in certain servile relationships is explicitly denied to Habrotonon, whose master is a pimp and whose erotic entanglements include men of nonparallel (i.