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Synonyms for nonparallel

of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations

(of e.g. lines or paths) not parallel

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We have also showed that in the case of the nonparallel reference system, the permitted deviation can be found by using the equations of the parallel grid.
Parallel and nonparallel simultaneous multislice black-blood double inversion recovery techniques for vessel wall imaging.
Each cold plate can translate in the vertical direction for specimen installation and is supported at its geometric center by means of a swivel ball joint that allows the plate to tilt and conform to a nonparallel rigid sample.
In addition, the zero-order correlations among the SCCT measures in this study are similar in magnitude to those derived from nonparallel measures of SCCT constructs in other investigations (cf.
the sand (even given a nonparallel lack of Commission review,
The statistical tests of interest to determine nonparallel control and treatment slopes are the interaction effects.
The idea is to develop a forced-air system with inlet and outlet airflow located above head level in nonparallel walls, divided into two areas: the non-occupied upper area, which contains the airflow inlet and outlet, with high air velocity levels, used to make contaminant extraction easier, and the occupied lower area with low air velocity levels, used to ensure good thermal comfort, reduced local thermal discomfort, and acceptable air quality levels to the occupants.
e]ach instance of nonparallel treatment of the tax law should be
Nonparallel machine learning algorithms can still be applied on local data (relative to the agent) because information about other data sources is not necessary for local operations.
To predict the future state variables at any spatial point, simultaneous integration of Equations (7) and (8) along the two nonparallel characteristic curves, Equations (5) and (6) are required.
nonparallel treatment), it should have a principled policy justification for that difference.
Gram-positive rods with rounded ends and nonparallel sides, arranged in palisades or in V shapes, were observed, which suggested the presence of corynebacteria.
The current text provides an introduction to various fixed-income securities and their derivatives, focused on measuring and managing interest rate risk arising from general nonparallel rate changes in the term structure of interest rates.