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not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature

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After watching the video and looking more closely at a few of his paintings, we rolled up our sleeves and experimented with chalk pastels, using his visual vocabulary as a springboard for a wide variety of nonobjective drawings.
Begin by introducing students to the nonobjective works of the abstract expressionists, such as Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Arshile Gorky, etc.
My work contains a unity between lines and objects in objective and nonobjective ways, including texture.
As the success of Fox News, political talk radio, partisan book publishing, and blogging has shown, there's a healthy marketplace for nonobjective presentation as well.
It is worth mentioning that the Guggenheim Museum was originally called the Museum of Non-Objective Painting when it was located on East 54th Street in Manhattan, and one really felt as if one were entering a nonobjective world when one visited it.
Other findings include evidence that SMEs in the Objective 1 areas of Wales are increasing their use of the internet and are catching up with their counterparts in nonObjective 1 areas.
Professor Jones-Evans, who is the director of the Centre of Enterprise and Regional Development at the University of Wales, Bangor, told a business audience of 300 yesterday at a St David's Day breakfast at the Cardiff Hilton organised by accountancy body ACCA that in terms of earnings those living in Objective One areas (where 65% of the population lives) were now worse off than they were in 1999 in comparison with those living in nonObjective One areas.
Someone called me a pompous jerk and nonobjective," Wayne Slater of The Dallas Morning News told E&P, describing the reaction.
It is similarly, with a nonobjective appreciation that one must embrace the spare yet compelling texts of Feu beau feu.
Others argue that statistical evidence exists; however, that evidence often seems to have been collected under questionable circumstances and by nonobjective parties.
Medical tests suggest that there is objective and subjective or nonobjective visionary experience.
He discusses, quite ably, the distinctly nonobjective opinion polls of Gallup and Roper.
It is absurd to imagine some production-based, nonobjective form of evaluating these other employees.
The pendulum did swing vigorously toward the nonobjective choreographers led by Merce Cunningham.
Shahn became a strong proponent of what he termed "humanistic art," rejecting the trend after the war for artists to become politically disengaged, producing nonobjective experiments in abstract expressionism.