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Synonyms for nonobjective

not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature

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Begin by introducing students to the nonobjective works of the abstract expressionists, such as Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Arshile Gorky, etc.
It is similarly, with a nonobjective appreciation that one must embrace the spare yet compelling texts of Feu beau feu.
Others argue that statistical evidence exists; however, that evidence often seems to have been collected under questionable circumstances and by nonobjective parties.
Medical tests suggest that there is objective and subjective or nonobjective visionary experience.
God is never an object but rather the nonobjective horizon of all consciousness: "This experience of God should not be discredited as a mere mood carrying no conviction, or as unverifiable feeling.
It is absurd to imagine some production-based, nonobjective form of evaluating these other employees.
The pendulum did swing vigorously toward the nonobjective choreographers led by Merce Cunningham.
Shahn became a strong proponent of what he termed "humanistic art," rejecting the trend after the war for artists to become politically disengaged, producing nonobjective experiments in abstract expressionism.
His works are neither entirely nonobjective nor nonrepresentational in the traditional sense, however; they play with decorative motifs and other pictorial elements.
My students responded immediately and enthusiastically to Pollock's nonobjective paintings.
Hurd, also a Californian, makes nonobjective mixed media work.
Students will create a nonobjective painting with multiple media.
Perhaps Untitled's clumsiness owes to Fox's comfort level with his repertoire, though the strength of the wholly nonobjective canvases also on view discredit this theory, for as Fox's last New York solo show revealed, he is also an accomplished abstractionist.
Each student had to submit four completely nonobjective patterns.
Also being shown is an exhibit of nonobjective work by the center's namesake, Maude I.