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One of the policy considerations to capture the interest of the government is that the public enterprise will be guaranteed to support its nonnegative operating profit.
15) D is a nonnegative power of l0 or is 1/2 of a nonnegative power of 10.
that is full reimbursement above a nonnegative deductible D.
For example, policy existence problems for POMDPs with nonnegative rewards are NL-complete under straightforward descriptions.
0,x+y+1] a nonnegative value sufficient to ensure that, once one has (noneffectively) specified a suitable corresponding nonnegative value for [d.
Let the counts given in Table 1 be any nonnegative numbers a, b, c, d yielding Table 3.
This creates another problem because models which are truncated at zero, or which have a nonnegative range, tend to have fat tails.
Using a CES utility function with a nonnegative minimum subsistence requirement for the goods and the associated Marshallian demand functions, we derive the marginal revenue function.
If E is a nef vector bundle that is r-filtered, on a compact complex Kahler d-dimensional manifold X, and P [element of] P(r, d) is a nonnegative linear combination of Schubert polynomials, then deg (P(E) [intersection] [X]) [greater than or equal to] 0.
Equilibrium also requires nonnegative expected profits:
While the statistical detection of antagonistic pleiotropy in spite of nonnegative genetic covariances may be possible in some instances, I conclude that the efforts of biologists interested in trade-offs would be better spent on approaches more likely to be able to reveal whether hidden antagonistic pleiotropy is present, such as selection experiments and identification of the traits and/or genes under selection.
Any nonnegative integer t can be represented uniquely as t = nq + z where n and z are nonnegative integers and 0 s z < q.
Positive systems whose state and output are nonnegative for any given nonnegative initial state and input have developed a new branch and play an important role in system theory.
where [tau](t) denotes a nonnegative, continuous and bounded function defined for t [member of] R and [tau]* = [sup.