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either positive or zero

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i,1/f ([pi])] is nonnegative and has a zero of order at least 2 at [pi].
b] does not imply that a factorable matrix A is conservative: take any nonnegative sequences ([b.
Document clustering using nonnegative matrix factorization, Information Processing & Management.
that is, [beta] [greater than or equal to] [alpha] if and only if [beta] - [alpha] can be written as a linear combination of simple roots with nonnegative integer coefficients.
11] Let S be a set of distinct elements of C [union] {[infinity]} and k be a nonnegative integer or [infinity].
1]) {p(n)}, {q(n)} are sequences of nonnegative real numbers and {q(n)} is not identically zero.
the participation constraint of the insurer) requires that the expected profit (3) be nonnegative.
5) is not true for every nonnegative integrable function [phi], the proof of (i) is not correct.
t] be nonnegative and the solution of the following ordinary differential equation:
1]) There exist two nonnegative functions b(t), c(t) [member of] C[0, 1] with c(t) [not equivalent to] 0 and one continuous even function B : (-[infinity], +[infinity]) [right arrow] [0, +[infinity]) such that
2] with a function f that is nonnegative and measurable w.
Let [psi](n, r) be a nonnegative nondecreasingfunction in r for any fixed n [member of] N([n.
1] (x, y) is nonnegative, continuous, nondecreasing in x and nonincreasing in y for x, y [member of] [R.