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Synonyms for nonnative

not being or composed of aborigines

of persons born in another area or country than that lived in


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of plants or animals originating in a part of the world other than where they are growing

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It is believed that some nonnative animals can also cause widespread change to native species, such as the replacement of the red squirrel by the grey squirrel over most of Britain.
Nonnative Arkansans can easily mispronounce the name of the state.
After noting that gardening with wildflowers is a growing environmentally-conscious trend, the coauthors of Prairie Directory of North America list native alternatives to nonnative plants.
So instead, this current study simply highlights some ways that ethics play a significant role in research with nonnative speakers of English and, I hope, provides an opportunity for researchers' reflection and discussion.
Smallmouth bass are nonnative predators present in the Pecos River system of New Mexico.
The non-native Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) were the only ants collected in this study, although other species of ants, both native and nonnative, were active nearby at this time of year (unpub.
This is hailed as one of the very few examples of a successful eradication of nonnative species in the marine environment in the UK.
Boxes feature case studies and examples of the evolution of nonnative species (e.
Future studies could examine the effectiveness of particular writing process strategies for native and nonnative writers in a mainstream classroom.
Last year, Congress revised MBTA to exclude nonnative birds.
A long-term plan is being drafted to rid the Santa Clara River of a nonnative plant blamed for encouraging the spread of wildfires and contributing to flooding in the rainy season.
Catherine Bush, general manager for language, learning and development at City & Guilds, said: 'The British Government recognises the value and range of skills that nonnative speakers bring to the UK and is eager to assimilate into the community those who are living or trying to settle in the UK.
Gaithersburg, MD) has patented a chimeric adenovirus fiber protein, which differs from the wild-type coat protein by the introduction of a nonnative amino acid sequence in a conformationally-restrained manner.
This, combined with the introduction of nonnative species and pollution to various seas, threatens the entire ocean ecosystem.
Second, correct use of verb forms and tense often cause difficulties for nonnative speakers of English.