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not in motion


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Averaging all the counts of nonmoving symbionts for a colony may give a more accurate picture of the number of symbionts in a colony, and this may explain the difference between the by-stolon and by-colony regressions in 2010.
87) Significantly, the rule's "good cause" and "excusable neglect" provisions are intended to "prevent the moving party from springing new facts on the nonmoving party when it is too late to contest them.
This case illustrates the danger that such evidence--used with greater frequency and greater centrality at many trials--may lead judges to be too confident in their own interpretations of a video and less likely to defer to the nonmoving party.
Whether good cause exists to allow an extension for compliance with SCR 216 may not extend to the entire "totality of the circumstances" of the case, including even unrelated conduct of the nonmoving party.
Hoyer explained that one particular design challenge involved in creating the RIO lay in "arranging all moving and nonmoving interior components into the smallest possible space without unfavorable interaction" and in integrating the technical components of the thermo shaker, which are angular in shape, with its curvilinear exterior.
l Electronic versions of newspapers, radio and nonmoving content of Web sites to be excluded from the bill.
6) Visit with a citizen at the station Police Department Officer's Daily Activity Report Criminal Arrest Felony 0 Misdemeanor 2 Traffic Arrest DWI 0 Warning 11 Moving 4 Nonmoving 2 Reports and Calls Accidents 2 Incidents 3 Other 6 Hours Spent Scheduled 10 On Details: Court 2 on Duty Others Logged/Notes: 1) Alarm call: 1416 Willow Street--false, human error 2) Alarm call: 1201 Oak Street--false, mechanical 3) Traffic assist: Salem Road and Prince Street 4) Road hazard: U.
Then there is a field with nonmoving fluffy toy bunnies.
Allow courts in child custody cases to prohibit a parent from moving more than 60 miles from other parent if move would cause undue hardship or expense for nonmoving parent in maintaining parenting time with child.
ALLPRINT Smart S marks moving and nonmoving products such as labels, glass and plastic bottles, cans, cardboards, and trays contact-free, clean and dry, permanent, chemical and (UV) light resistant, abrasion-proof, and falsification-safe.
But you can turn the nonmoving merchandise into a federal income tax deduction when you donate it to charity.
Examples of unproductive inventory include nonmoving stock, discontinued SKUs or slow sellers.
The factual foundation is composed only of sworn allegations that are viewed, for the purposes of deciding the motion, in the light most favorable to the nonmoving party, here the parents.
Under the program, city parking enforcement officers will videotape drivers near schools who commit such nonmoving violations as double-parking or parking in loading zones for extended periods of time.
the uncoupled sidesticks and the nonmoving throttles) has raised concerns about potential negative effects of removing peripheral visual, tactile, and auditory cues, as these may help pilots monitor automated system activity and maintain energy awareness.