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(of spores or microorganisms) not capable of movement

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The nonmotile reference strain (no flagella production) E32511 was used as a blank and matrix check for motile reference strain EDL933 with the most common H type (H7).
Regarding to results found for division Chlorophyta, Chlorococcum, as nonmotile green algae, competed better for light in August, dominating when the lowest turbidity (<20 NTU) and the highest euphotic zone was found.
Raoultella terrigena is a Gram-negative, oxidase-negative, aerobic, nonmotile, capsulated, non-spore-forming bacterium.
It is a Gram-positive, catalase negative coccus that is nonmotile and is a facultative anaerobe [5].
Later the isolates were identified by a negative gram reaction, positive catalase test, a negative oxidase test and by being nonmotile.
Further studies revealed the organisms isolated were gram-negative, aerobic, nonmotile, non spore forming coccobacilli organisms (Fig.
Brevibacteria are nonmotile, nonfastidous, chemoorganothrophic, obligately aerobic, rod-shaped, halotolerant (> 6.
INTRODUCTION: Pasteurella canis is a Gram-negative, nonmotile, penicillin-sensitive coccobacillus belonging to the Pasteurellaceae family.
Genotypic analysis of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and O157 nonmotile isolates recovered from beef cattle and carcasses at processing plants in the Mid-western states of United States.
Acinetobacter was identified on gram staining as gram negative bacilli or coccobacilli, nonmotile, oxidase negative and catalase positive.
However, limited pieces of data exist about different factors connected with the efficacy of ICSI using frozen nonmotile testicular spermatozoa.
tuberculosis is a rod shaped nonmotile bacterium 2-4 umx 0.
IUI is a technique by which a processed semen sample, washed to remove prostaglandins, leukocytes, and nonmotile sperm, is injected via catheter directly into the upper uterine cavity.