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Synonyms for nonmedicinal

not having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed

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Another option for shoppers seeking nonmedicinal pain relief is braces and supports, which are no longer limited to old-fashioned elastic bandages.
Get some nonmedicinal experience handling products from the hive by making this simple, all-natural lip balm.
The key will be in raising consumer awareness about the efficacy of nonmedicinal products to manage certain health conditions, conditions for which they are already deeply involved in treating or preventing in many cases.
The increasing number of invasive measures and interventions as well as existing poor hygiene standards and inadequate nonmedicinal measures (e.
Through the application of pressure on specific sequential points, acupressure provides a therapeutic, nonmedicinal mode of addressing distressing emotions or symptoms.
There are two common types of nonmedicinal methods to decreasing body weight and/or improving the health condition of the individual.
Just as it had previously been forced to adopt a policy of legal licenses for the importation and distribution of spirituous liquors to the haole residents and transients, so it now established a licensing system for nonmedicinal importation and distribution of opium--but only to Chinese.
Many nonmedicinal treatments are available to lower blood pressure.
Instead, physicians are recommending nonmedicinal options to help alleviate cold symptoms, such as mist humidifiers, nasal suctioning and saltwater drops and sprays.
This section first describes those businesses that have no revenue and then those that have revenue from nonmedicinal biotechnology products.
1 and nonmedicinal drug use Drink equivalents and blood 17.
Cigarettes are among the nonmedicinal drugs used most widely during pregnancy (Fried et al.
Our Therapeutic Nasal Dilator is a nonsurgical, nonmedicinal alternative treatment for snoring, sleep apnea, deviated septum, alar collapse, and other breathing disorders.
The Department of ecological physiology of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has achieved important results, leading to the conviction that the use of biofeedback as a nonmedicinal means of psychophysiological support of standard treatment methods significantly improves their efficacy.