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Synonyms for nonmedicinal

not having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed

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Many nonmedicinal treatments are available to lower blood pressure.
Instead, physicians are recommending nonmedicinal options to help alleviate cold symptoms, such as mist humidifiers, nasal suctioning and saltwater drops and sprays.
Nonmedicinal approaches to relief include gentle stretching exercises and bladder training.
Cigarettes are among the nonmedicinal drugs used most widely during pregnancy (Fried et al.
Our Therapeutic Nasal Dilator is a nonsurgical, nonmedicinal alternative treatment for snoring, sleep apnea, deviated septum, alar collapse, and other breathing disorders.
Medications are given as part of an overall treatment program, and I will do all in my power to cooperate and participate in the range of nonmedicinal efforts to be undertaken.
Here he makes his case and offers nonmedicinal approaches to dealing with children who exhibit ADHD-like behaviors.
Retailers can also tap into the demand for nonmedicinal health and beauty products that consumers need on a daily basis such as razors and dental products.
Nonmedicinal, self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking tobacco use flourished.
Depression may also cause memory loss, as may the use of drugs, such as tranquilizers and sleeping pills, or chemicals such as pesticides, lead, mercury, and other nonmedicinal substances.
Training programs in psychiatry, practicing clinicians, and organized psychiatry need to get serious about addressing this issue and do more with these well-established nonmedicinal therapies.
When choosing a preventive agent, first offer the patient a choice of medication or nonmedicinal agents, such as vitamins and minerals, that have demonstrated efficacy against migraine.
Some RCRA-listed chemicals that have major medicinal therapeutic uses are listed in Table 1 (but note that many other nonmedicinal chemicals on these lists are commonly used in various other aspects of medicine and therapeutics).
The man who first utters that mantra is psychiatrist Ty Adams (Michael Beach), who has come to the Sedah State Mental Hospital (filmed at a Pasadena estate) to tout his nonmedicinal treatment techniques for a documentary.