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Synonyms for nonmeaningful

having no meaning or direction or purpose

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I have already mentioned the way speech cadence is fitted into the rhythm of the rhymed pentameter line; it isn't likely with Browning that we shall find a great deal more to interest us in the formal pattern at nonmeaningful levels; therefore we should look for patterns on the fictional dramatic level that Browning has absorbed into the repertoire of poetic technique.
reported that the use of speech materials has a more adverse masking effect on speech perception than other nonmeaningful noises [16].
Examples of nonmeaningful propositions are those of an ethical, religious, or "esthetic kind," e.
I think the pattern is fairly clear, and I don't think anyone will be terribly impressed by a continuation of very showy -- very showy symbolic and nonmeaningful compliance.
Explanations derived from the optimal stimulation theory suggest that withholding activity further reduces stimulation, making it harder, not easier, for the child to complete nonmeaningful and nonchallenging tasks.
Hemispheric priming by meaningful and nonmeaningful symbols in language-trained chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): Further evidence of a left hemisphere advantage.
index of nonmeaningful grammatical elements, including markers, with explanations (pp.
embeds meaningful differences among nonmeaningful ones.