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not consisting of matter

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The nonmaterial or spiritual component of individuals is heavily emphasized in the Afrocentric Paradigm.
The economic culture of a nation, consisting of prevailing attitudes, norms, and assumptions about business, work, and other aspects of the economy, "may affect the generation of nonmaterial rewards indirectly through their influence on the evolution of institutions and policies, but also very directly through their impact on participants' motives and expectations.
In fact, the SEC has continued to reaffirm that company insiders are permitted to disclose nonmaterial pieces of information to analysts, who may then use such information to "complete a mosaic of information that, taken together, is material.
One such tension is the awareness that though interconnected social networks and the sort of extended subjectivity they imply can help promote social transformation, they also form the basis for the production and consumption of capitalism's new nonmaterial goods.
To the structure of the latter belong bot--material services, and nonmaterial services.
Among this year's projects, the USD, researchers and university scientists plan to explore the ecological risks associated with the release of tiny particles called nonmaterial into the environment.
Like the reflections of his medieval contemporaries, Scotus's reflection arose from the ongoing conversation about the individuation of angels and other nonmaterial substances.
Mr and Mrs Blackwell, nonmaterial amendment to previous permission for erection of extensions and loft conversion, 318 Bradley Road, Bradley.
According to List, the spiritual or intellectual capital of a nation, its labour force, is the core of its productive forces, contributing to both material and nonmaterial growth.
Political economy research suggests two main actor strategies: first, to leverage material and nonmaterial incentives such as donor conditionality to get actors to buy into the RBO discourse; and, second, to use normative persuasion of actors by presenting RBOs as an appealing practice that reinforces prestige.
The recommendations identified that all of the capability gaps can be addressed with nonmaterial solutions.
Both sides decided to enhance cooperation in press and publication, science and technology, medical and health care, education, parliament and civil exchanges, sports, Chinese and Arab classics translation, cultural heritage and protection of nonmaterial heritage.
UNESCO provides with understanding of cultural industries as industry fields "uniting naturally nonmaterial cultural content creation, production, and commercialization.