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not capable of being magnetized


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The area of magnetism in nonmagnetic materials has previously had many false positives.
The theorists had in mind ultrathin sandwiches of magnetic and nonmagnetic metals similar to the oddly behaving structures that Ralph and other scientists had studied.
The metal was a proprietary nonmagnetic stainless steel similar to AISI 316.
All models are available in white, red, or almond durable Uni-Koat powder-coated finish, or nonmagnetic stainless steel.
Both magnetic metallic crystalline and nonmagnetic cryptocrystalline glass MS were separated from sediments excavated from what appears to be the bottom of a late Pleistocene or early Holocene ice dam lake situated along the banks of the Colorado River about two and one-half miles west of the Colorado-Utah state line.
Many studies have focused on simple superlattices with magnetic and nonmagnetic layers designed to probe the interlayer magnetic coupling for materials with long-range (e.
Instead of regular metal wires and hooks, the new bra incorporates resinous wires and nonmagnetic metal hooks that do not trigger metal detector alarms and will help assure female flight attendants and frequent flyers of comfortable and safe flights, helping them avoid embarrassment, the company said.
That leaves Faust, very capably sung by Italian tenor Marcello Giordani, who combines a handsome bel canto delivery with a rather nonmagnetic stage presence.
According to investigations, the Japan-made valves are manufactured with nonmagnetic materials.
Trading in nonmagnetic types of diving goods with communist countries is regulated by the Wassenaar Arrangement, under which permission for such exports must first be obtained from the international trade and industry minister.
Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal, is essentially nonmagnetic, and is highly resistant to corrosion, even in hostile environments like salt water.
Contract award: supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of an mri, a ct scanner and a nonmagnetic surveillance monitor physiological parameters and user training: the file is downloaded from http://www .
A team led by researchers at Tohoku University added cobalt to titanium dioxide, a nonmagnetic semiconductor, to create a new material that, like a chameleon, can transform from a paramagnet (a nonmagnetic material) to a ferromagnet (a magnetic material) at room temperature.