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not capable of being magnetized


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While it was generally assumed that the GMR is associated with an antiparallel alignment of the ferromagnetic layers across the nonmagnetic interlayers, neutron reflectivity studies of systems such as Co/Cu (49) and discontinuous [Ni.
In Japan, exports of nonmagnetic types of diving goods to communist countries are regulated by the Wassenaar Arrangement formed in 1996 after the Coordinating Committee for Export to Communist Area (COCOM) was dissolved.
Acquisition of an MRI and a nonmagnetic monitor and rental and maintenance of a scanner.
Furthermore, because they would be nonmagnetic, the vessels could better evade detection and enemy mines.
The PosiTest DFT Ferrous model measures all nonmagnetic coatings on steel; the PosiTest DFT Combo also measures nonmagnetic coatings on steel, plus nonconductive coatings on aluminum, brass, and other materials.
This is accomplished through a thin magnetic layer on top of a nonmagnetic layer, or sub-layer, coated on a thin flexible plastic substrate with a conductive backside coating.
Sprague-Goodman's low profile surface mount FILMTRIM[R] plastic dielectric trimmer capacitors are available in nonmagnetic versions.
Most of the nonferrous metals are nonmagnetic, such as copper, brass, aluminum, and most of--I'm not sure on a percentage basis--of stainless is nonmagnetic.
Basic components of a wireline steering tool are a downhole probe placed inside a nonmagnetic drill collar near the drill bit, wire connecting the probe to an interface unit on the drill rig, readout box, and computer and printer at the driller's station.
The MSD1 is designed to detect nonmagnetic metals, such as gold, silver, and copper; and the MetCard TD features weapons detection, hands-free identity-card reading, face verification, automatic display of the security profile of the person in transit, and data logging of the transit data.
In addition, Vaaldiam's electromagnetic survey identified two other anomalies, which are also nonmagnetic, and lie within the Cosmos-Tumeleiro cluster.
A new nonmagnetic coating gauge has been developed by Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement (OICM).
MP media is manufactured by double-coating a thick nonmagnetic underlayer and an extremely thin magnetic outerlayer, resulting in a thin and smooth recording layer which is covered with tiny magnetic metal particles.