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used of a society that has not developed writing

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Based on historical records about an African woman named Saartjie Baartman, The Venus comes from a nonliterate, oral culture, although she knows how to count and learns to speak several languages.
I wondered at the time of doing this analysis whether the stress put on the lack of communal property in both Geddes's and Freeman's reports to the Sarawak government was not in fact a reaction to concerns prevalent in government circles over the "communal" nature of nonliterate societies, that is, primitive communism.
Such intuitive wisdom is characteristic of traditional, nonliterate cultures, especially of American Indian cultures, in which life was organised around a highly refined awareness of the environment.
physically or mentally disabled, nonliterate populations, non-English speaking populations, the homeless, the incarcerated, children, the elderly, critically ill patients) and that address how these methods affect data quality and completeness across diverse populations; 8) issues surrounding the collection of self-report data from different settings (e.
Moreover, the application of the IRB mechanism in these contexts is laughable at best, given that nonliterate primitive tribes cannot begin to understand the medico-legal jargon typical of IRB forms.
Missionaries and anthropologists devised writing systems where needed, but we must remember that Sequoyah was nonliterate.
They taught in Arabic, wherever possible incorporating 'women's vocabulary', (14) a lexicon replete with homonyms that nonliterate women use as synonyms and similes.
In the pages that follow I will explore how the reading and hearing of narratives about martyrdom constituted an exercise derived from Greek philosophy, adapted to inspire a largely nonliterate audience.
16) In a tour-de-force analysis that considers comparative theories of orality and balladry, Egan demonstrates that yueh-fu most likely were not ballads (let alone folkish) and that the concept of oral in early Chinese lyric should not necessarily imply nonliterate.
are nonliterate in English and that the overall literacy rates for Hispanics have declined since 1992.
children and nonliterate cultures to the development of writing skills
Rather, the fact that terms closely parallelling art are not found in the formerly nonliterate societies which anthropologists have traditionally studied should prompt the analyst first to offer an ethnographically informed account of how the term is used in those societies in which it is found, and then offer an explanation for why close equivalents are not found in many other cultures, even when they are great art-producing societies in Western terms.
Face-to-face interviews were conducted for the nonliterate respondents using the tool to collect the responses, while the literate ones completed the questionnaires themselves.
It would be a mistake to imagine that these were singularly rural, nonliterate instances of re-narrating or translating the colonizer, or that cultural resistance on the ground always occurred as a process of shadowy discursive transaction.
He then moves to study Aboriginal, Amerindian, and various other nonliterate cultures--where rhetoric had progressed from the early stages of humanity.