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used of a society that has not developed writing

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Further, the dynamic public space that is opening up in Bhutan offers insights into the potentialities of digital literacy for nonliterate cultures.
Berndt supports the view that not all art represents some particular belief: 'As Firth (1952:177) has pointed out, not all art of nonliterate peoples is symbolic, and this is true too for Arnhem Land: there is much that can be viewed as simply descriptive, and much that is simply design or motif without any direct or admitted meaning' (Berndt 1971:104-5).
After All, Africa Is Largely a Nonliterate Continent': The Reception of Vatican II in Africa," Theological Studies 74 (2013) 284-301.
Dramatic art forms in the Americas predate the arrival of Europeans, and "[t]heater and dramatic performance have been central to the cultural activity of the largely nonliterate populations of Latin American society since pre-Columbian times" (Weiss 70).
The farming community is virtually nonliterate and functions on tradition; indeed, the novel dramatizes the violent punitive reactions of the locals to inexplicable events.
In this case, once the invitation is made to the potential participant, and after acceptance, the following protocol was performed to verify the possibility of the participant being considered nonliterate or semi-literate: one by one were presented ten written words, and the participant was asked to try to read some of them.
She is interested especially in "oral or nonliterate viewers.
Terms such as nonliterate, low-literacy backgrounds, and lower than-expected levels of literacy in both their native language and second language have been used to describe ELD students (Hamayan, 1994).
Physical remains and funerary deposits can give voice to the nonliterate dead, though their precise meaning may elude us.
Generally, this is an imperfect medium to represent local knowledge, especially for people who may be nonliterate and accustomed to communicating orally.
Fourth, based on my study and research, I've concluded that the great majority of the world's people, from the youth to the elderly and everyone in between, are either nonliterate--unable to read or write at all--or functionally nonliterate.
For Barrett, this distinction turns on a racial binary that pits the black, nonliterate singing voice against the white, literate signing voice (4) to find "competing formations of value" (5) in an embodied mode of black performance that "troubles the dominant cultural authority of value invested in individual abilities to decipher and produce cursive script" (5).
If they were accepted, they depended on retelling, in the same way that all cultural traits in a nonliterate society depend upon restatement and re-enactment.
The nonliterate Cuiva were disadvantaged, relative to settler farmers, in negotiations with bureaucratic agencies and in their ability to interpret the legalities of their rights.