nonlinear distortion

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distortion that occurs when the output signal does not have a linear relation to the input signal

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6] Kosuke Uegaki et al, "A novel nonlinear distortion suppression method in RoF systems using optical filter" IEEE conf.
In this book, the author describes the principles of modeling and simulation of nonlinear distortion in single and multichannel wireless communication systems using both deterministic and stochastic signals.
The company will feature products implemented with its proprietary Turbolinear[TM] technology, which eliminates nonlinear distortion, a major performance limiter in signal processing applications.
The OP4400 is a monolithic integrated circuit (IC) that implements Optichron's proprietary Turbolinear[TM] technology to eliminate nonlinear distortion, the dominant performance limiter in power amplifier (PA) applications.
The company's proprietary Turbolinear[TM] technology corrects for nonlinear distortion, a problem present in all signal processing systems, thus enabling higher signal quality for the implementation of faster, more efficient and lower cost systems.
Turbolinear(TM) signal processing technology is Optichron's proprietary approach to correcting nonlinear distortion that occurs in communications channels and mixed-signal environments.
a pioneer in advanced nonlinear signal processing, today introduced a 16-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) module incorporating its proprietary Turbolinear(TM) technology, which reduces nonlinear distortion by more than 90 percent in high-speed pipelined data converters.
The OM1400A-105 ADC modules incorporate Optichron's proprietary Linearizer IC, based on the company's advanced Turbolinear(TM) technology that eliminates nonlinear distortion.
Optichron's pioneering semiconductor products eliminate nonlinear distortion generated in analog-to-digital converters to improve performance, precision and efficiency in a broad range of communications, medical and industrial applications.
a pioneer in advanced nonlinear signal processing, today introduced the first products incorporating its proprietary Turbolinear(TM) technology that reduces nonlinear distortion by more than 90 percent in high-speed pipelined data converters.
Technology that simultaneously converts received optical signals into digital signals, then compensates linear and nonlinear distortions in the optical fiber by virtually reversing transmission using digital signal processing.
Nonlinear distortions at maximum volume (1 V) are small (THD [less than]0.
Corning LEAF optical fiber offers a larger effective area than other commercially available non-zero dispersion-shifted fibers on the market, which allows network developers to achieve greater distances, higher capacity and larger cost savings, while reducing nonlinear distortions that can degrade overall system performance," continued Linchuck.
ADC best fit all of our requirements, including our desire for continuous adaptive correction capability for both linear and nonlinear distortions," said Ron Smith, vice president of engineering for Blue Ridge Public TV.
It provides precise digital correction of 1) nonlinear distortions created by the active amplifier devices, such as amplitude and phase distortions; and 2) linear distortions that are created by the high-power passive RF system, such as group delay and frequency response distortions.
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