nonlinear distortion

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distortion that occurs when the output signal does not have a linear relation to the input signal

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tx] (t) is the transmitter nonlinear distortion due to the PA, and [f.
Vaccari, "A theoretical characterization of nonlinear distortion effects in OFDM systems," IEEE Trans.
The nonlinear distortion is a harmonic distortion which is particularly harmful because of DC shift, and DC shift is generated by the accumulation of an asymmetrically rectified signal, which is caused by the voltage clamp diode in this case [12].
Sun, "Identification of Harmmerstein-Wiener system with application to compensation for nonlinear distortion," Proc.
6] Kosuke Uegaki et al, "A novel nonlinear distortion suppression method in RoF systems using optical filter" IEEE conf.
Nonlinear distortion within the DUT can lead to modulation of one frequency by the other.
A NIST scientist working with staff from Ohio University, examined how time-base distortion causes nonlinear distortion of the electrical waveforms measured by digital sampling instruments, such as digital voltmeters and multimeters, sampling waveform recorders and oscilloscopes.
This book covers the principles of modeling and simulation of nonlinear distortion in wireless communication systems with MATLAB?
The optical fibre channel is nonlinear, that is, its properties, namely its refractive index, is dependent on optical intensity, and at high power densities, the combination of nonlinear effects and dispersion leads to nonlinear distortion, limiting both achievable capacities, spectral efficiencies and distances.
Analytical Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion Effects on Multicarrier Signals
4) Circuit stages:In nonlinear compensation technology, because the linear distortion and nonlinear distortion tend to gradually compensate for each other over long-distance transmission lines, the same circuit must be designed so that it has multiple stages of serial connections.
This article presents a unified theory of power amplifier nonlinear distortion characteristics under small- and large-signal regimes for a wide range of active device technologies.
These benefits include improved tolerance to major impairments in telecom networks - chromatic dispersion (CD), first and second order polarization mode dispersion (PMD), and nonlinear distortion.
This prevents the duplexer from generating nonlinear distortion in the presence of external jammer signals at specific sensitive frequencies and its own large TX signal.
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