nonlinear correlation

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any correlation in which the rates of change of the variables is not constant

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The introduction of Copula-GARCH can better reflect the nonlinear correlation under the assumption of non normality, B-GARCH (1, 1) Copula form:
The difficulty in this procedure is caused by the nonlinear correlation among the responses.
Unit weight has linear correlation with bearing capacity at any degree of angle of friction, cohesive of soil and width and depth of foundation have nonlinear correlation with bearing capacity at any angle of friction(Abdoullah et al.
Nonlinear correlation is the time series of the observed data with nonlinear dependence, nonlinear correlation structure of the existence of time series to show a variety of complex nonlinear characteristics.
Owing to the characteristic of the bridge structure, there are underlying nonlinear correlations between the data acquired from the different monitoring points.
If nonlinear correlations between variables exist, NLPCA will describe the data with greater accuracy and/or by fewer factors, provided that there are sufficient data to support the formulation of more complex mapping functions [3].