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not capable of causing death

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Similarly, the value of nonlethal weapons for meeting mission requirements in today's challenging and complex military operational environments may outweigh the costs of developing these novel technologies.
There are numerous articles stating that good intelligence is critical for COIN operations but few on how to actually create, train, and implement an organization to collect raw information and provide analyzed nonlethal intelligence.
Nonlethal weapons are an increasingly attractive option for rooting out insurgents without bringing catastrophic harm to civilians.
It's a nonlethal weapon," he said during an industry conference in London.
While the GAO report points at DOD's ineffective management as the main reason for the inability to field operationally useful NLW, this article argues that the main problem can be found in misdefned requirements for nonlethal weapons that, in their turn, lead to incorrect characterization of technological gaps.
The United States has provided about $70 million in nonlethal assistance to Ukraine, and Obama has led a coalition of European countries that have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in the hopes of bringing the conflict to an end.
The steps announced by the State Department to upgrade the status of the coalition, which had been represented by an informal liaison office, and increase nonlethal assistance to the opposition by $27 million.
The biggest problem conceptually--and the biggest dilemma for me as a leader of Marines--was that most options required making a clear choice between lethal and nonlethal technology.
The White House is thinking about resuming nonlethal military aid to the moderate opposition in Syria, officials said, despite the possibility that some of that aid could end up in the hands of Islamist groups allied with the moderates.
21 had taken required nonlethal steps to deter wolf attacks, a state Department of Fish and Wildlife report released Monday said.
The United States is providing a broad range of assistance to the Syrian opposition, including nonlethal assistance, to its Supreme Military Council (SMC), such as vehicles, communications, equipment, medical supplies, in consultation with the SMC leadership," Psaki added.
It mandates that deputies and officers receive three hours of online training in how to recognize dog behaviors and to use nonlethal methods to control them.
The nonlethal aid could include armoured vehicles, night vision goggles and advanced communications equipment.
The EU last month amended its embargo to allow member nations to supply nonlethal equipment including armored vehicles to the opposition, as well as training, but stopped short of lifting the embargo entirely.
Navy captain Robert Durand would not say what measures were employed, and would not confirm a lawyer's report that a guard fired a shot at a prisoner, possibly using some type of nonlethal projectile such as a rubber bullet.