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not regulated or sanctioned by law


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The product of the two committees is the culmination of years of Bar efforts that began with a study of for-profit referral services, including those that refer callers for both legal and nonlegal services and a rewriting of lawyer referral service rules.
Outsourcing of services necessary to run a successful practice, both legal and nonlegal, is still in its infancy.
law's teeth consist in facilitating nonlegal sanctions.
Nonlegal business advice offered by attorneys is not covered by either the attorney-client privilege or the tax practitioner-client privilege.
In the fictions Chakkalakal studies, however, slaves who establish nonlegal unions can choose each other out of love rather than strategy or necessity, as they are freed from family pressures or hopes for material gain and social advancement.
Professor Fiss's article fell into the category of articles published in nonlegal journals with over 50 percent of the citations to them occurring in legal journals.
At the heart of The Constitutional State is a trio of chapters devoted to understanding legal and nonlegal rules: how they constitute social groups, how they provide reasons for action, how they contribute to a legal order.
At a hearing in June, Judge Gordon Quist told the plaintiffs they faced an "uphill battle" in this case because Cooley's data was "literally true," even if it may not have differentiated between legal and nonlegal jobs held by graduates.
A Macedonian career diplomat says that a modern form of capitulation is demanded of Macedonia considering the country is set a nonlegal condition to become a NATO member state.
Nevertheless, there is some scope for ICC decision-makers to consider the immediate practical consequences of their actions for nonlegal reasons.
Had we been ending a marriage in 1999, rather than a nonlegal domestic partnership (there are no domestic partnerships in our state), I would have fared much better than I did.
structured in a manner permitting a "dominant nonlegal participant
LAST Thursday saw the implementation of the Legal Services Act, allowing other nonlegal businesses to become involved in the provision of legal services.
8) That is, we were curious whether people were more or less likely to classify problems with others as legal or nonlegal disputes depending on whether the dispute was from within an intimate or more attenuated relationship.
Times have been challenging for all law firms in the last few years and BHP are responding by offering more nonlegal services, concentrating on delivering sensible pricing and a personal service for every client, whether a large corporate or private individual.